Four Items You Must Know About Compelling Web Design says Dallas Website Designer

04/24/2010 Are you thinking about implementing a web design into your marketing strategy? If you are, congratulations! A strong web presence is one of the most lucrative steps you can take to brand a company’s name and image, while rightly claiming your address on the Internet. However, before venturing out into the vast world of […]

Naples FL employment law: Waiter files discrimination suit against Ritz-Carlton

Legal News for Florida Discrimination Attorneys. A Ritz-Carlton employee filed a suit against the hotel for accepting a family’s ‘no colored waiter’ request. News for Florida discrimination lawyers- A former Ritz-Carlton Naples employee filed a discrimination lawsuit against the luxury hotel. Napes, FL—A discrimination lawsuit was filed against the luxury Ritz-Carlton Naples hotel with regard […]

Greenacres FL auto accident: Violent 3-vehicle collision killed 1, injured 3

Legal News for Florida Auto Accident Attorneys. A father was killed and his daughter was seriously injured after a 3-vehicle crash occurred in Greenacres, Florida. News for Florida auto accident lawyers- A fatal crash, involving an SUV and two other vehicles, left three people with injuries ranging from minor to serious in Palm Beach County, […]

Brillion WI train accident: Car-train crash injured 5 teens en route to school

Legal News for Wisconsin Train Accident Attorneys. Five teenagers, ages 15 to 18, suffered serious injuries after the car they were riding in struck a CN train. Wisconsin train accident lawyer alert- A car-involved train crash left five teenagers with serious injuries; HazMat crews called to scene. Brillion, WI—Five teenagers became involved in a violent […]

Elk Grove IL Employment Law: OSHA fined freight management company $64,000

Legal News for Illinois Employment Attorneys. OSHA cited Elk Grove, Illinois-based Ceva Freight LLC for six safety violations and proposed penalties totaling $64,000. News for Illinois employment lawyers- OSHA cited a Elk Grove, Illinois company for several workplace safety violations which pose potential safety and health dangers to employees. Elk Grove, IL—A logistics and freight […]

Clarksville GA workplace safety and health: OSHA cites company for 60 violations

Legal News for Georgia Employment Attorneys. OSHA cited and fined Scovill Fasteners Inc. of Clarksville, Georgia $133,350 for 60 safety and health violations. Georgia employment lawyer alert- OSHA inspectors cited Clarksville, Georgia manufacturer for 60 workplace safety violations, which could hinder employee safety. Clarksville, GA—Scovill Fasteners Inc. of Clarksville, Georgia was cited with 60 safety […]

Hardin County IL 18-wheeler accident: 1 killed in passenger truck vs. semi crash

Legal News for Illinois 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys. ISP officials reported one fatality and one injury in a head-on collision between a passenger truck and semi. Illinois 18-wheeler accident lawyer alert- A Hardin County, Illinois head-on collision between a semi-truck and passenger truck resulted in one fatality and left another injured. Hardin County, IL—A violent head-on […]

San Antonio CA criminal news: SAPD officer shot man who pulled out a squirt gun

Legal news for California criminal attorneys. An SAPD officer shot a man with a squirt gun. California criminal attorneys alert- A San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) police officer shot a suspect who pulled out a squirt gun. San Antonio, CA—A man who pulled out what looked like a gun at a downtown gas station, but […]

Denver CO sexual abuse: $1M lawsuit says Catholic priest molested student

Legal news for Colorado personal injury attorneys. Denver man says he was sexually abused while at seminary school. Colorado personal injury attorneys alert- Catholic priest, Mark Matson, accused of sexual abuse of St. Andrews seminary school student. Denver, CO—A Denver man has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a Catholic order for alleged sexual abuse […]

Seattle WA discrimination news: Bisexuals sue NAGAAA for not being “gay enough”

Legal news for Washington discrimination attorneys. Bisexual men file lawsuit for not being gay enough to play in softball championship. Washington discrimination attorneys alert- Lawsuit says NAGAAA prohibited a bisexual men’s softball team from playing in the Gay Softball World Series. Seattle, WA—Three bisexual men say they weren’t “gay enough” to participate in the North […]

Study: High-speed police chases are killing innocent bystanders

Legal news for automobile accident attorneys. Police departments are considering implanting restrictive policies for police pursuits. Automobile accident attorneys alert- High-speed police pursuits are leaving innocent bystanders dead due to crashes. West Palm Beach, FL—One-third of people killed in a high-speed police chase are innocent bystanders, which have numerous communities across the nation pondering the […]

Tucson AZ medical malpractice: Testicle-removal lawsuit trial underway

Legal news for Arizona medical malpractice attorneys. A trial is underway for a man who says his testicle was wrongly removed. Arizona medical malpractice attorneys alert- A lawsuit says the University Medical Center wrongfully removed a testicle. Tucson, AZ—The University Medical Center (UMC) is embroiled in a lawsuit that accuses the hospital for wrongfully removing […]