International mass disaster/terrorist injury news: Moscow explosions kill dozens

Legal News for Mass Disaster / Terrorist Injury Attorneys. More than three dozen people suffered fatal injuries when two explosions were set off in two Russian subway stations. Russian officials are expected to investigate two violent explosions, detonated by female suicide bombers, in two central Moscow subway stations. Moscow—Widespread panic surged through Russian officials and […]

75 injured and 1 dead after stage collapses at Canadian country music festival!

Legal news for personal injury attorneys in Canada. A outdoor stage at the Big Valley Jamboree Country Music Festival collapses in a severe thunderstorm. Personal injury attorneys in Canada alert-An outdoor stage at Canadian country music festival leaves one dead and 75 concert attendees injured. Edmonton, Alberta—A severe unexpected thunderstorm ripped down an outdoor stage […]

Moscow human rights lawyer murdered! breaking news for wrongful death attorneys –  Civil justice lawyer murdered in Moscow after declaring legal war on Russian military. New York, NY (–After a press conference on Monday, in Moscow, a human rights attorney was gunned down and shot dead. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Stanislav Markelov, a 34 year-old human […]

Blogger Denied Bail in Economic Post Case

Dallas, Texas – Justice News Flash – A popular South Korean blogger arrested for posting false information online has been denied bail. A South Korean blogger who was arrested in connection to alleged false economic data posts online has been denied bail. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the blogger was said to have […]

Zimbabwean President’s Wife Accused of Attack

The wife of Zimbabwean President Mugabe has been accused of punching a British photographer. The wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been accused of attacking a British photographer in Hong Kong. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Grace Mugabe allegedly attacked photographer Richard Jones after a bodyguard held him down when he tried […]

SEC fails Madoff securities investors-How do I protect from being ponzi’d?

SEC regulators may have failed innocent Madoff ponzi scheme investors. New York business lawyers educate Americans-How do I protect myself from being ponzi’d? December 15, 2008, New York, NY (–New York business litigation lawyers and securities fraud legal experts with (JNF) say the U.S. government’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulators may have […]

Suicide bomber kills 55 in North Iraq restaurant

December 11, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL (–Justice informers breaking news: While Kurdish officials met with Arab tribal leaders to negotiate longstanding ethnic tensions, in Kirkuk on Thursday, a suicide bomber struck a crowded restaurant. Police officials in Kirkuk, the center of Iraq’s northern oil fields, say the explosion killed at least 55 people and […]

American citizen working for U.S. government and Pakistani driver shot!

November 12, 2008, Islamabad, Pakistan (–Breaking news–American Steve Vance, a United States government program aid worker, was shot dead in his car Wednesday morning. Vance and his Pakistani driver were shot in their car as they approached the house in Peshwar where Vance ran the U.S. government aid program. The program is designed to bring […]

Triple bombing in Baghdad market kills 28 including women and children

November 10, 2008, Baghdad (–Breaking news story–A triple bombing in a Baghdad market on Monday killed 28 people, including women and schoolgirls, and left dozens injured according to security officials. Insiders are viewing this as the deadliest attack, causing injuries and deaths, to rock the Iraqi capital in months. The terrorists detonated a car bomb […]

Presidential debate: McCain states he is not George W. Bush

West Palm Beach, Florida- If Barack Obama didn’t know with whom he was running against, there should be no more confusion, after he was set straight by “Maverick” McCain. Finally the presidential debate season is over; the American public can prepare for Super Tuesday and make their final determination before they cast their vote. This […]

Republican Senator John McCain plays referee at Minnesota town hall meeting

West Palm Beach, Florida-Personal foul: Unsportsmanlike conduct, 15 yards, Republicans, in Lakeville, MN, on October 10. Senator McCain refereed his own constituents during a Republican town hall meeting last week. John McCain’s campaign experienced the consequences of the perilous path the Republican’s have chosen. The “dehumanizing your opponent campaign” is fraught with pitfalls. The Republican […]