Hardin County IL 18-wheeler accident: 1 killed in passenger truck vs. semi crash

Legal News for Illinois 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys. ISP officials reported one fatality and one injury in a head-on collision between a passenger truck and semi.

Illinois 18-wheeler accident lawyer alert- A Hardin County, Illinois head-on collision between a semi-truck and passenger truck resulted in one fatality and left another injured.

Hardin County, IL—A violent head-on crash involving a passenger truck and an 18-wheeler occurred in Hardin County, Illinois on Friday morning, April 23, 2010. The fatal motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurred along U.S. Route 34 and resulted in one fatality and left one other person injured. A second semi-truck might have also been involved in the wreck, according to information provided by KFVS12.com.

Illinois State Police (ISP) officials reported a northbound passenger truck driven by 65-year-old Charles Littrell was traveling behind a semi-truck on Route 34 when he allegedly attempted to pass a rig. Littrell veered over the median and into the southbound lane of Route 34, but did not manage to pass the semi-truck as he initially intended. Littrell’s truck consequently collided head-on with another 18-wheeler, driven by 62-year-old Robert Simmons. Though details were somewhat vague, the unidentified driver of the tractor-trailer that Littrell had attempted to pass might have been involved in the crash as well.

Emergency medical services responded to the scene of the rig-involved motor vehicle accident to transport those injured to area hospitals for treatment. However, Littrell suffered severe injuries on impact and reportedly succumbed to those injuries at the scene. Simmons suffered unspecified injuries and was transported to Evansville Hospital to be treated by doctors and nurses. The driver of the other semi-truck apparently refused medical treatment at the scene.

U.S. Route 34 between 145 in Saline County and 146 in Hardin County was closed pending preliminary investigations and the cleanup of accident debris. One of the semi-trucks involved was reportedly carrying coal, which spilled onto the roadway during the incident. Investigations continue.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Illinois 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers.