Brillion WI train accident: Car-train crash injured 5 teens en route to school

Legal News for Wisconsin Train Accident Attorneys. Five teenagers, ages 15 to 18, suffered serious injuries after the car they were riding in struck a CN train.

Wisconsin train accident lawyer alert- A car-involved train crash left five teenagers with serious injuries; HazMat crews called to scene.

Brillion, WI—Five teenagers became involved in a violent locomotive-involved motor vehicle collision (MVC) en route to Brillion High School at approximately 7:15 a.m. Thursday, April 22, 2010. The injurious Calumet County, Wisconsin train-related accident occurred just one day after Canadian National Railway (CN) announced Rail Safety Week, in which the campaign made an oath to “end accidents, injuries and fatalities on and near railway crossing, tracks and property”, according to information provided by

Calumet County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Paul Rusch reported a northbound car, driven by 16-year-old Austin J. Broehm, was traveling on East River Road when it struck the engine of a westbound 11-car train for unknown reasons. On impact of the train vs. car crash, fuel was spilled from the locomotive’s engine, prompting the Appleton Fire Department Hazardous Materials (HazMat) unit to respond to the scene for clean up. The vehicle’s five occupants, four of whom are brothers, suffered serious injuries and required prompt medical attention. The railway crossing is reportedly marked by a yield sign.

Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene of the horrific train-car collision to transport those injured to Theda Clark Regional Medical Center to be treated by doctors and nurses. ThedaStar and EAGLE III medical helicopters were reportedly used to transport three severely injured victims to the hospital, while the remaining two were taken to the medical center via ambulance. As of Thursday night, Austin Broehm, the driver, was reported to be in serious condition with a leg injury. Blake R. Broehm, 18, suffered a leg injury and was listed in serious condition as well. Jarrod J. Broehm, 15, suffered internal injuries and was listed in serious condition. Jake J. Broehm, 15, suffered head injuries, which could potentially include a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and was listed in critical condition. Emilee J. Stanelle, 18, suffered bumps and bruises and upgraded to good condition after receiving treatment. None of the train’s occupants suffered any injuries.

According to a CN, “CN is determined to end the tragic loss of life and debilitating injuries—most of them completely avoidable… CN’s no compromise: no accidents—no injuries—no fatalities campaign will stress education and prevention, but CN also plans to get tougher on enforcement.”

A full investigation into the Calumet County car-train wreck was expected to be underway.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Wisconsin Train Accident Lawyers.