Naples FL employment law: Waiter files discrimination suit against Ritz-Carlton

Naples FL employment law: Waiter files discrimination suit against Ritz-Carlton


Legal News for Florida Discrimination Attorneys. A Ritz-Carlton employee filed a suit against the hotel for accepting a family’s ‘no colored waiter’ request.

News for Florida discrimination lawyers- A former Ritz-Carlton Naples employee filed a discrimination lawsuit against the luxury hotel.

Napes, FL—A discrimination lawsuit was filed against the luxury Ritz-Carlton Naples hotel with regard to an incident in which a waiter was not permitted to serve a couple that made a prejudiced request to not be waited on by “people of color” or a waiters with “foreign accents”. The former Ritz-Carlton waiter filed the suit against the hotel, its vice president and managing director, according to information provided by on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.

The discrimination lawsuit is filed under Section 1981 of Title 42 of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, which is associated with “contracts with employees and employer contact”. The plaintiff, 30-year-old Wadner Tranchant, reportedly contended the Rodney Morgan made a discriminatory request, in which they told staff members they did not want to be served by any “people of color” or waiters with “foreign accents”, known upon their arrival at the luxury hotel. The hotel’s manager and vice president, Edward Staros, then allegedly entered the patron’s request into the resort’s computer system, stating, “…as per Mr. Staros this couple is very very prejudice [sic] and do like like [sic] ppl of color or foreign accents”.

The lawsuit alleges that when Tranchant, an employee with the hotel for 15 years, attempted to serve the family at the Ritz-Carlton’s Grill Restaurant on March 12, his supervisors did not allow him to do so, based on the family’s biased request and reservation for “banquette seating”. Tranchant, a black U.S. citizen of Haitian descent, contended this was not the first incident in which the hotel obliged with such prejudiced requests.

Damages sought out through the discrimination lawsuit were unspecified. Ritz-Carlton representatives would not comment on pending litigation.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Discrimination Lawyers.

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