Presidential debate: McCain states he is not George W. Bush

Presidential debate: McCain states he is not George W. Bush


West Palm Beach, Florida- If Barack Obama didn’t know with whom he was running against, there should be no more confusion, after he was set straight by “Maverick” McCain. Finally the presidential debate season is over; the American public can prepare for Super Tuesday and make their final determination before they cast their vote. This contest was reduced to the ridiculous, with a series of weak arguments followed by even weaker ones.
The nation was introduced to Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber; the rising star of the Republican party, both Senator McCain and Senator Obama mentioned him over 25 times. In just 90 minutes he has become as popular as Joe six-pack.

Barack Obama demonstrated the same calm and coolness that has provided the Senator with a substantial lead, with his corner instructing him to stay away from the Senator from Arizona. McCain’s aggressiveness bordering on anger continued to define his campaign and will continue to hurt his chances of becoming the commander in chief.

The final push for the White House is on and one thing is certain, anything and everything can happen in the next three weeks, this is the nature of American politics.

Rene Perras, politics and public policy commentator for Justice News Flash

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