Triple bombing in Baghdad market kills 28 including women and children

Triple bombing in Baghdad market kills 28 including women and children


November 10, 2008, Baghdad (–Breaking news story–A triple bombing in a Baghdad market on Monday killed 28 people, including women and schoolgirls, and left dozens injured according to security officials. Insiders are viewing this as the deadliest attack, causing injuries and deaths, to rock the Iraqi capital in months.

The terrorists detonated a car bomb as a bus carrying young school girls drove past according to witnesses. The bombing took place in the Sunni district of Adhamiyah, a popular area lined with restaurants and tea shops for breakfast known to be heavily frequented by Iraqi security forces. According to interior ministry and defense officials a suicide bomber ran into the injured crowd, after the initial bombing, and blew himself up. Adding further terror to the initial two bombings, a third explosion, caused by a roadside bomb around 30 yards away, detonated according to an Iraqi police officer.

An interior ministry official has reported at least 68 people were wounded in the rush-hour Baghdad attack. This is estimated to be the worst attack in Baghdad since June 17, 2008, when 51 people were killed and 75 were wounded in a car bomb explosion.

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