Republican Senator John McCain plays referee at Minnesota town hall meeting

Republican Senator John McCain plays referee at Minnesota town hall meeting


West Palm Beach, Florida-Personal foul: Unsportsmanlike conduct, 15 yards, Republicans, in Lakeville, MN, on October 10. Senator McCain refereed his own constituents during a Republican town hall meeting last week.

John McCain’s campaign experienced the consequences of the perilous path the Republican’s have chosen. The “dehumanizing your opponent campaign” is fraught with pitfalls. The Republican presidential nominee was compelled to reassure his supporters last Friday of Senator Obama’s decency. McCain has found himself in the fourth quarter with the clock running out and having to repeatedly punt due to pass interference.

On four separate occasions, McCain was compelled to reassure his supporters that Senator Barack Obama is a “decent family man”, and he is not to be feared if elected President of the United States. The Republican nominee found himself playing defense when his own audience initially booed him for simply stating these truths.

In the final plays of the game, the Republicans are running out of Hail Mary’s. We witnessed John McCain’s moral dilemma in front of the nation and his Republican supporters in Minnesota. Senator McCain has always been an advocate for civility. Unbridled ambition, along with winning at all costs, has overshadowed his own value system. The two minute warning is approaching and desperate measures are appearing. What benefit will it be for John “Maverick” McCain to gain the presidency but lose his soul? Can someone be right for the job as President if he repeatedly steps out of the pocket? The Republicans are fourth and long against the Democrats this Wednesday when the final presidential debate takes place in New York at Hofstra University.

Written by Rene Perras, Staff writer JusticeNewsFlash an online legal press distribution service

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