FirstFT: The U.S. scrambles to resolve the botched Afghan withdrawal problem

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Huawei’s dilemma hides the “toothless” US export control of Chinese technology

[ad_1] Semiconductor update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and be the first to learn about semiconductor news. Any US government official who sees Huawei’s recent financial performance must feel that he is right. Washington’s efforts to destroy Chinese technology groups seem to have worked: Huawei’s revenue plummeted, and its high-end smartphones roll out It […]

Tokens for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan

[ad_1] Utilities have always been a difficult problem to overcome around NFT projects. Nowadays, if an NFT project does not provide some inherent utility or has some unique characteristics, it is unlikely to be very attractive. Enter Jack Butcher, the creator Visualization valueAfter working in advertising for many years, Jack founded Visualize Value, as he […]

50 years of pursuit of currency stability

[ad_1] Global Economic Update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and be the first to learn about global economic news. This week is the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s announcement to the world that Washington will no longer exchange U.S. dollars for gold. The gold peg, fixed at $35 per ounce, was the core […]

AllianceBlock provides decentralized KYC for Avalanche’s pangolin DEX »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] AllianceBlock is a project that has nothing to do with blockchain and builds compliant and data-driven products. Today, it announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Pangolin, which is a community-driven DEX supported by Avalanche. Build on it Existing cooperation Cooperate with Ava Labs, now fully Decentralized Pangolin Exchange Integrate AllianceBlock’s Trustless KYC […]

Game dApp TreasureKey integrated with SX Network blockchain »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] TreasureKey is a collection of decentralized, trustless, and immutable blockchain games that run directly on the chain. It announced its integration with SX Network, which is a smart contract platform that integrates the on-chain community vault and a game called SportX. Blockchain combined with local prediction market platforms. Through cooperation, TreasureKey will directly build […]

Peter Brandt said that Tether is a big-headed fart, which is why

[ad_1] Peter Brandt, who has more than 500,000 followers on Twitter, is a well-known professional trader. He often posts valuable insights about the market on Twitter. In a recent tweet, Peter took a stance on Tether, calling it useless brain farts. Selected vocabulary from iconic trader Peter Brandt According to Peter, the concept of converting […]

Marijuana M&A: Purchase price adjustment

[ad_1] At my end postal In this series, I discussed the structure of the purchase price in cannabis M&A transactions and how to use escrow related to the purchase price. Today, I want to discuss how the purchase price is usually adjusted before the transaction (between the signing and the transaction) and after the transaction. […]

Class conflict is back at the core of economics

[ad_1] Capitalism update Sign up for myFT Daily Digest and be the first to learn about capitalist news. “Pay them more.”President these three words Joe Biden To summarize the most surprising result of the pandemic: due to widespread labor shortages, workers seem to have the upper hand in front of employers. Although this feeling is […]

Online Focus: Behavioral Health

[ad_1] In recent years, the method of behavioral health design has been developing. Under the guidance of the opinions of patients, staff and family members, the support and protection measures needed for the rehabilitation environment are created for everyone. In response to the pandemic, the rise of telemedicine has also affected behavioral health, further calling […]

Morning reading on Tuesday, August 17

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