AllianceBlock provides decentralized KYC for Avalanche’s pangolin DEX »CryptoNinjas

AllianceBlock provides decentralized KYC for Avalanche’s pangolin DEX »CryptoNinjas



AllianceBlock is a project that has nothing to do with blockchain and builds compliant and data-driven products. Today, it announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Pangolin, which is a community-driven DEX supported by Avalanche.

Build on it Existing cooperation Cooperate with Ava Labs, now fully Decentralized Pangolin Exchange Integrate AllianceBlock’s Trustless KYC and identity verification products into its platform.

Utilizing GBG’s identity data intelligence software, the product allows users to prove their identity once in an untrustworthy manner, and then prove their eligibility for sales and other activities, without the need to share personal information with multiple providers.

Pangolin + alliance block

AllianceBlock integration on Pangolin will help DEX evolve with any new regulatory developments.

Looking ahead, AllianceBlock will add an optional compliance layer to pangolin services through its cross-border regulatory compliance layer. Cumulatively, AllianceBlock’s solutions will support pangolins in inviting more retail and institutional investment into its exchanges in a scalable and compliant manner.

In addition, the pangolin will also become the node validator of AllianceBlock’s Bridge and will be integrated into the liquidity mining as a service plan. This will open up a new project ecosystem that can benefit from their white label fundraising solutions.

“Our products will enable pangolins to provide services to institutional clients and maintain a leading position in accordance with regulatory requirements, while giving their users freedom of choice.”
– Rachid Ajaja, CEO and co-founder of AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock’s compliance solutions will be implemented on different subnets of Pangolin. Users will be able to choose which networks they interact with and whether they want to use compliant services based on their location; allowing users to choose their level of anonymity based on jurisdiction.

“Being able to rely on simplified compliance solutions opens up new opportunities for our decentralized exchange. At the same time, it retains the freedom to choose the compliance level for our current users. We are very happy to be part of AllianceBlock’s broader ecosystem. Part. As we continue to expand, both teams see the value of cooperation.”
-Justin Trolllip of Pangolin


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