Game dApp TreasureKey integrated with SX Network blockchain »CryptoNinjas

Game dApp TreasureKey integrated with SX Network blockchain »CryptoNinjas



TreasureKey is a collection of decentralized, trustless, and immutable blockchain games that run directly on the chain. It announced its integration with SX Network, which is a smart contract platform that integrates the on-chain community vault and a game called SportX. Blockchain combined with local prediction market platforms.

Through cooperation, TreasureKey will directly build their games on the SportX platform and vice versa. TreasureKey will also enable betting in SX Networks SX token. Any referral fees generated by this integration will be directly transferred to the SX Community Fund.

The game on TresureKey is supported by Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function), a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts. It is also another form of tamper-proof RNG (random number generator).

In addition, TreasureKey’s blockchain game series has made it the top gambling DApp on the Binance Smart Chain and the top five applications on the Polygon Network.

The current games on TreasureKey include:

  1. Coin flip
  2. Barbell roll
  3. Roulette
  4. dice

SportX + TreasureKey integration

“We are very happy to be the first casino and gaming provider to launch on SX Network! Our cooperation with SX Network and SportX will enable us to further expand our user base and help us become supported by blockchain smart contracts The mission of a world-class decentralized casino.”
—— Eliz Swann, co-founder of TreasureKey

SX Network is an independent smart contract blockchain based on Polygon SDK. It is designed from the ground up for blockchain application developers, with EVM compatibility, low-cost transactions, and a consensus model based on PoS.

“The launch of TreasureKey on the SX Network further establishes our ecosystem as a venue for gambling and prediction market related applications. We are pleased that this partnership spans multiple dimensions, including the direct integration of the SportX application into the TreasureKey interface , And vice versa, TreasureKey on SportX!”
– Andrew Young, co-founder of SX Network


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