FirstFT: The U.S. scrambles to resolve the botched Afghan withdrawal problem

FirstFT: The U.S. scrambles to resolve the botched Afghan withdrawal problem



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The Biden administration scrambled to carry out a botched evacuation from Afghanistan Back on track After the chaos and violence at Kabul International Airport yesterday.

After the Taliban seized control of the country from the Afghan army, in order to demonstrate its capabilities, the White House stated that it has ensured the security of the airport and will speed up the pace of evacuation this week.

The Islamic Organization held its first official Press conference Because it occupied Kabul. Spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid promised that the organization will protect women’s rights within Islamic law and pardon its opponents when it tries to adopt a moderate tone.

At the same time, WhatsApp has closure A complaint hotline set up by the Taliban for civilians to report violence, robbery or other issues.

European defense and security officials criticized the U.S. withdrawal, saying it had Weaken NATO It also raised the issue of the allies’ dependence on Washington for security.

The return of the Taliban has raised concerns that Afghanistan may once again become an attraction for foreign fighters because Al-Qaeda Start the reorganization.Also handed in China and Russia Analysts say—the two most determined strategic competitors of the United States—this is an opportunity to show their strength. Read the rest of our Afghanistan report

“I tend to suspect that the White House is more indifferent, rather than completely misjudged” -Guido Franzinetti, Reader, FirstFT Europe/Africa

  • View: As a young female journalist in Afghanistan, Mariam Purchasing Department The documents were hidden and the medals she received for her work were buried. “I sit here and feel like a prisoner,” she wrote. Biden’s decision to withdraw, like many people in the past two decades, was determined by domestic concerns. Edward Luce wrote.

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1. Fed officials: huge debt purchases are wrong for the U.S. economy Eric Rosengren, chairman of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank, said, warn The emergency bond purchase plan is not suitable for an economy that is hampered by supply constraints, so it is urged to reduce stimulus measures this fall to avoid heavy debt and inflationary pressures.

2. BHP Billiton moves its main listing place from London to Sydney The UK’s blue chip FTSE 100 index is Destined to lose One of its largest companies after mining company BHP Billiton said it would unify its dual company structure and transfer its main stock market listing to Australia.

3. TransDigm prepares to acquire Meggitt The American engineer gave the strongest indication so far that it intends to build a Formal bid British aerospace and defense group Meggitt has reached an agreement with rival Parker Hannifin.

4. China tightens Internet antitrust rules Issued by the National Anti-Monopoly Regulatory Agency Draft rules As Beijing’s crackdown on technology intensifies, this will prohibit Internet platforms from conducting a series of behaviors deemed to harm market competition, such as using user data to limit competitors’ traffic.

5. Former Peruvian guerrilla foreign minister resigns after 19 days The Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, a former left-wing guerrilla, has defended the regimes in Cuba and Venezuela, Resign Pedro Castillo’s controversial presidential term is less than three weeks. Héctor Béjar claimed that the Maoist Path of Glory “is largely a product of the services of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Coronavirus Digest

  • Vacancies inside UK As the labor market rebounded from the effects of the pandemic, it has reached record levels.

  • Most recommended by the Biden administration American Get the Covid-19 vaccine Booster It was injected eight months after the second injection. (“Financial Times”, “New York Times”)

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the day before

Parliament recalled in Afghanistan Boris Johnson is ready to accept criticism from members of Congress Britain’s role In this crisis, he is preparing to address the House of Commons at the rare August meeting today.

Fed meeting minutes investor Will pay close attention to the release of the minutes of the Fed’s July policy meeting Insight Plan To reduce irritation.Housing starts too forecast Cooling in July. (“Financial Times”, “Wall Street Journal”)

R Kelly test The R&B singer will appear in Brooklyn court today for the opening debate on federal sex trafficking Trial. (National Broadcasting Corporation)

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Preparing for the next pandemic When the coronavirus emerged, governments rushed to resolve the shortage of basic medical supplies. This year, countries have deployed export controls to give priority to vaccinating their citizens.Troubled by these experiences, many people are seeking to take home drug manufacturing-but it turns out that Next crisis.

Class conflict is the core of economics If there is evidence that workers are systematically asking employers for more, this bargaining power may help increase corporate profits. The fact that no one predicts it is important in itself, Martin Sandb wrote.

Moral outrage over Philip Morris’ Vectura bid The shock caused by the Marlboro manufacturer’s acquisition of the British respiratory drug developer for 1 billion pounds is worth seeing. Public health and anti-smoking charities call it a “ethical conflict.” But we must allow companies to reinvent themselves and solve the problems they helped create, Writes Master Brooke.

50 years of pursuit of currency stability This week is half a century since Richard Nixon announced to the world that Washington would no longer exchange dollars for gold. The “Nixon shock” ushered in a chaotic period of exchange rate instability and high inflation.But the British “Financial Times” believes that the nostalgia for the gold standard is go astray.

How extreme weather affects airlines The potential impact of the climate crisis on the industry is profound.force Flight diversion Cancellation of orders adds to the cost of industries that lost billions of dollars during the pandemic.


Supercar head high-end With butler service, banquets, speedboat transfers-and an entrance fee of £15,000-this 120-mile Highland Kings race calls itself the first “Luxury Wilderness Super Marathon“.

In the past ten years, participation in supercars has skyrocketed

In the past ten years, participation in supercars has surged

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