Online Focus: Behavioral Health

Online Focus: Behavioral Health



In recent years, the method of behavioral health design has been developing. Under the guidance of the opinions of patients, staff and family members, the support and protection measures needed for the rehabilitation environment are created for everyone. In response to the pandemic, the rise of telemedicine has also affected behavioral health, further calling for new methods in the built environment. Below are the latest reports on behavioral health projects and planning and design strategies. For more information, search for “behavioral health” website.


Telemedicine is increasingly used for mental and behavioral health treatments, and new methods are needed in the built environment

Photo Tour: Blossom Court, St. Ann’s Hospital

The $26 million mental health inpatient building integrates outdoor spaces into the nursing environment.

Designed for medical and behavioral health comorbidities

The evolving strategy needs to consider the needs of multiple patient groups while improving safety and helping to eliminate the stigma of mental health.

First look: Montage Health Ohana Center

The 55,600 square foot behavioral health facility for children and adolescents is inspired by the principles of neuroscience and the specific needs of the patient population.

Create a shelter for mental health patients

The opinions from former patients helped guide the design decisions of the West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado.

First look: LAC+USC Rehabilitation Nursing Village

The project is scheduled to be completed in March 2021 and will take comprehensive measures to address the interrelated and complex needs of homelessness, mental illness, housing, and medical comorbidities.

IIDA Healthcare Design Award: Award-winning transformation

The transformation of a historic German castle into a modern private clinic for mental health services won the highest honor in IIDA’s 2020 Healthcare Design Award.

Photo Tour: Taube Pavilion, Behavioral Health Center

The 55,000-square-foot project on the El Camino Health campus in Mountain View, California provides a safe and comfortable recovery environment where patients can receive treatment for mental health problems.

Tailored mental health design for young adult patients

In collaboration with young people in the planning of Stella’s Place in Toronto, a space was created to support the mental health journey of young patients.

How COVID-19 is changing behavioral healthcare facility design

The industry has the opportunity to proactively respond to the many challenges posed by the pandemic through flexible design and reimagined indoor and outdoor care spaces.


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