Fort Worth Court Of Appeals Finds Online Arbitration Policy Unenforceable

“Merely posting an arbitration policy on an intranet site is insufficient to give an employee notice.”

March 29, 2017
Your Duty To Preserve Includes Social Media

The most effective way to inform your clients of their duty to preserve is to include a detailed preservation provision in their retainer agreement

February 9, 2017
Preservation Steps For Executives Anticipating Litigation

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse suggests that executives take these preservation steps if anticipating litigation for misappropriation of trade secrets

September 8, 2016
Employee Gun Rights

Prohibiting firearms in company parking lots could lead to wrongful discharge claims

August 16, 2016
OSHA Issues A Final Rule On Tracking Workplace Injuries & Illnesses

“Starting January 1, 2017, employers must electronically submit workplace injuries and illnesses”

August 2, 2016