Choosing The Right Forensic Examiner

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Forensic analysis may seem like a daunting task, but do not let it deter you.  Although typically used in investigating computer crimes, forensic analysis has become prevalent in civil cases, especially employment law disputes.  As computers are used more regularly in the workplace, employers are finding themselves conducting forensics on employee’s desktops and laptops more frequently than ever.  The caveat, however, is choosing the right forensic examiner and getting them involved from the onset.

Selecting a qualified expert may be critical to your case.  An experienced and knowledgeable forensic analyst will ensure proper collection and processing of evidence and metadata, which in turn makes it easier to use such information at trial. An inexperienced expert cannot only cause the omission of evidence but can sometimes permanently destroy relevant information during the collection process. Thus, in choosing an expert their credentials are important. Make sure they are familiar with the tasks at hand and can competently and coherently convey their forensic results to a layperson.  Moreover, choose a neutral examiner. While this may seem unfavorable, a neutral examiner will cover all bases rather than focus on the tasks at hand.

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