SocialCentiv -What makes this twitter marketing application different!

Intent Based Twitter Marketing: The Key to Discovering Potential Customers Dallas, Texas – SocialCentiv has launched a new website, allowing more businesses access to information about its successful Twitter marketing software. The company has developed a platform that helps businesses of all types find new customers on the popular social network, with real time personalized […]

Lawyer Marketing on Google to Evolve in 2012— Again

/ Perras/ 01/11/2012 According to search marketer Brian Whalley in his article  Google Will Change Web Marketing, posted on the Harvard Business Review blog, Google is on the verge of making a quantum shift in how websites will have to market themselves in 2012.   Over the past year it seems that search engine results […]

Lawyer Internet Marketing Tips- More SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Law Firm Marketing

/ Perras/ 05/19/2011 As legal business development trainer Larry Bodine noted in his article Top 8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Lawyer Marketing, “SEO is an important part of the work that goes into a website. Just a single mistake could be detrimental to your traffic and rankings. ” He pointed out his list of […]

Lawyer Marketing Update: Google Local

/ Perras/ 04/07/2011 Google is taking new steps to make their local search and Google Places more relevant and make the Yellow Pages even more irrelevant for marketing programs for lawyers and other local businesses. As many law firm marketers already know, Google changed their cumbersome local business center, opened in 2005, to Google Places […]

Lawyer SEO Update: Natural Search Still Beats Pay-Per-Click

/ Perras/ 04/07/2011 While Google may still dominate the pay-per-click landscape for law firm marketing and for other goods and services, recent studies have shown that most searchers may be missing the pay-per-click ads completely. As reported by eMarketer, an eye tracking study by user experience firm User Centric showed that “organic search results were […]

Law Firm Internet Marketing Predictions: Will Attorneys Go Mobile?

/ Perras Law Firm Internet Marketing Consultant/ 09/24/2010 Over the last few years lawyer marketing professionals have seen dramatic changes in web marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques due to Google Caffeine, Bing and now Google Instant. As Internet marketing for lawyers evolves, what will be the next big thing? While 2010 […]

Lawyer Marketing Tools Legal Marketers Must Adopt

/ Quinlan/ 07/19/2010 Just as the practice of law is in a constant state of change with new laws being enacted and updated trial presentation technology evolving, lawyer marketing is equally fluid.  Failure to adapt and adopt these new marketing strategies and advances can result in the same degree of consequences as failing to keep […]

Pharmaceutical marketing news: AstraZeneca reaches $520M settlement with feds

Legal news for marketing attorneys. AstraZeneca reaches $520 million settlement for off-label drug promotion. The FDA reaches a settlement with AstraZeneca for off-label pharmaceutical marketing of Seroquel, an antipsychotic drug. Washington, D.C.—Pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca, has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the federal government to resolve allegations that the drug maker promoted an antipsychotic drug […]

Lawyer Internet Marketing- Tips for Hiring an SEO Company

/ Quinlan/ 04/02/2010 If you are considering hiring an SEO partner to help you market your law firm, sooner is better than later. One of the most optimum times to take this step is when you are about to embark on a redesign of your current website or launching a new one. Partnering with an […]

Blimpie accused of false advertising practices in lawsuit

Legal news for Illinois marketing attorneys. Blimpie accused of not providing double the meat in the “Super Stacked” sandwiches. A false advertising lawsuit was filed against Kahla Corp., who owns Blimpie, which claimed there isn’t double meat in their Super Stacked sandwiches. Madison County, IL—Two Madison County residents filed a false advertising lawsuit against Kahala […]