Dallas Internet Marketing Says Get Google’s Spam Team Off Your Back!

04/19/2013 (press release: qamarzaman6) // Dallas, TX // Qamar Zaman

By: Qamar Zaman of Dallas Internet Marketing Says Get Google’s Spam Team Off Your Back!

Gaining insight into what Google likes or does not, we have obtained access to a video by Matt Cutts’ of Google explaining the repercussions of uploading too many pages on your website at a time. The question put forth by a newspaper asking for clarity on what would happen if the newspaper archived over 100,000 pages to its website at once. Cutts’ answer was short and simple, but to the point.

“Google can handle this upload,” he says, any number of pages uploaded at one time, but that might warrant a manual review by the Google Spam team. Would you want that to happen?

Cutts’ remarks tells us that if absolutely necessary, you can upload any number of pages in one go, but pushing too many pages on the website in one lump raises a red flag, alerting the search giant’s spam team to manually review them. Thus arises, the question of quality over quantity. The newspaper archives, he said, are good examples of a possible need for large uploads; however, small chunks, added slowly are preferred. In the words of Cutts, he would “prefer a gradual roll out.”

Sites that are under development are typically laced with tons of content that has been uploaded at once. “Google,” as Cutts says, “has no problem with the situation.” Quality content that is being prepared for months at a stretch is mostly unique and is of good quality, so such launches are common.

The key point stressed by Cutts is that if you want to fly under the radar of the Google spam team and avoid getting red flagged for a manual review, upload your content in stages. Break large chunks of content into pieces. “You can still do it in larger blogs, but break that up a little bit.”

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