SocialCentiv -What makes this twitter marketing application different!

Intent Based Twitter Marketing: The Key to Discovering Potential Customers

Dallas, Texas – SocialCentiv has launched a new website, allowing more businesses access to information about its successful Twitter marketing software. The company has developed a platform that helps businesses of all types find new customers on the popular social network, with real time personalized engagement. With the launch of the new site, SocialCentiv says that more businesses now have information available to them about the benefits the platform can provide. Access to this information will help those in need of a proven effective means of increasing engagement on Twitter make an informed decision about why they should sign up for the free trial offer to give SocialCentiv a try today.

SocialCentiv is a platform that not only makes reaching out to potential customers on Twitter easy, but also allows businesses to engage with them effectively. Intent based marketing is the driving force behind the development of the Twitter marketing tool.

According to the company, “SocialCentiv identifies consumers who are tweeting at the exact moment when they express an intent to purchase a product or service related to your business. Then, the application makes it easy to present potential customers with a targeted, personalized incentive that can significantly influence their buying decisions.”

A free video is available on the new website in addition to a host of other features that will help those seeking to learn more about how SocialCentiv can benefit their social media marketing needs get answers for their inquiries. Businesses can also sign up for a free trial offer to test drive Twitter marketing software for seven days at no cost. Those interested can sign up for the free trial by visiting today.