Naples FL employment law: Waiter files discrimination suit against Ritz-Carlton

Legal News for Florida Discrimination Attorneys. A Ritz-Carlton employee filed a suit against the hotel for accepting a family’s ‘no colored waiter’ request. News for Florida discrimination lawyers- A former Ritz-Carlton Naples employee filed a discrimination lawsuit against the luxury hotel. Napes, FL—A discrimination lawsuit was filed against the luxury Ritz-Carlton Naples hotel with regard […]

Seattle WA discrimination news: Bisexuals sue NAGAAA for not being “gay enough”

Legal news for Washington discrimination attorneys. Bisexual men file lawsuit for not being gay enough to play in softball championship. Washington discrimination attorneys alert- Lawsuit says NAGAAA prohibited a bisexual men’s softball team from playing in the Gay Softball World Series. Seattle, WA—Three bisexual men say they weren’t “gay enough” to participate in the North […]

WA civil rights news- Schools ban “bumping and grinding” at dances

Legal news for Washington civil rights attorneys. School officials ban provocative dancing during formals. Civil rights attorneys alert- Tacoma School in Washington banned dirty dancing at formals, students claim free speech rights are violated. Tacoma, WA—Homecomings, formals and prom are getting a makeover, but not that kind that many students are in favor for. Several […]

MS civil rights attorneys: Gay rights vs. Bible belt traditions; judge hears suit

Legal News for Mississippi Civil Rights Attorneys. The ACLU and gay rights groups have raised funds for a gay-friendly dance in response to a school’s prom cancellation. Civil rights attorney alerts- American Civil Liberties Union filed lawsuit, on behalf of a lesbian whose first amendment rights were violated by a Mississippi school’s policies. Jackson, MS—The […]

Oprah Winfrey on trial for defamatory comments towards former headmistress

Legal news for attorneys handling free speech cases. Oprah Winfrey accused of making defamatory remarks regarding former South African school headmistress. Oprah Winfrey accused of making defamatory remarks about headmistress of South African leadership academy following abuse allegations. Philadelphia, PA – A trial set to begin on March 29, 2010 in Philadelphia will determine if […]

Prom cancellation prompts ACLU to file federal suit against MS school board

Legal News for Mississippi Civil Rights Attorneys. ACLU seeks court order for Mississippi school to hold prom and allow lesbian student to bring girlfriend, wear tux. Civil rights attorney alerts- A Mississippi school board was sued by the ACLU of Mississippi after a high school prom was seemingly canceled to prevent same-sex dates from attending. […]

Family of autistic boy filed a discrimination lawsuit against Bainbridge School District, citing sexual harassment

Legal news for Washington discrimination attorneys. Autistic boy endured harassment and sexual harassment while at school, in which the school never corrected. A Bainbridge High School autistic boy endured sexual harassment while at school, promoting a discrimination lawsuit. Bainbridge, WA—A lawsuit has been filed by the family of a former Bainbridge High School student who […]

Brownsville Texas judge filed lawsuit against mental health facilities

Legal news for Texas civil rights attorneys. A municipal judge filed a lawsuit after allegedly being falsely held in a mental health hospital. A Brownsville, TX municipal judge filed a lawsuit against two mental health facilities. Brownsville, TX—A municipal judge in Brownsville has filed a lawsuit on Friday, February 19, 2010, which alleges officials at […]