WA civil rights news- Schools ban “bumping and grinding” at dances

WA civil rights news- Schools ban “bumping and grinding” at dances


Legal news for Washington civil rights attorneys. School officials ban provocative dancing during formals.

Civil rights attorneys alert- Tacoma School in Washington banned dirty dancing at formals, students claim free speech rights are violated.

Tacoma, WA—Homecomings, formals and prom are getting a makeover, but not that kind that many students are in favor for. Several Washington school officials have banned what they call “freaking” or “bumping and grinding”, or otherwise known as provocative dancing, as reported by KCPQ.

Tacoma School students are now being required to sign off on a release form that they receive when buying their dance tickets, agreeing to refrain from “getting their freak on” while out on the dance floor. Some have even called the provocative dancing “stimulated sex.”

Students disagree with the new rules, citing their free speech rights are being violated because it’s a form of expression. Students claim that they shouldn’t have to adhere to dancing restrictions because dancing is a form of art.

School administrators assert, “We have been in the middle of a dance and principals and security and administration has gotten on the microphone and said this is enough – we’re warning you. You’ve got one (warning). You’ve got two. After usually the third, the lights come on and people are calling their parents and heading home.” Principals in Sedro-Wooley, Burlington, Nathan Hale High School and Blaine have also joined the fight with Tacoma School leaders, who banned the provocative dancing as well.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley- Legal news for Washington civil rights lawyers.

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