Rcube Health’s “Reasony App” receives Bayer’s support for Mental Health DTx for Resonant Breathing – Healthcare Blog

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Digital mental health startups tend to be inclined to the fact that mental health care is not a “one size fits all”. Therefore, we see new products on the market, seeking to combine typical therapies with humans-machine delivery in novel ways to better satisfy The needs of different patients. In this interview, we heard about Resony, a digital therapy that uses a fully autonomous, artificial intelligence-driven program to solve anxiety and stress. The program combines resonance breathing and body relaxation exercises with cognitive behavioral therapy. Together. In other words…for the overall benefit of mental health, work on the physical aspect of this physical and mental connection.

Resony is just the first DTx launched by Rcube Health. Rcube Health is one of four early-stage startups supported by Bayer’s G4A as part of the growth track of its digital health partner program. CEO and co-founder Ravi Janapureddy introduced us to the business he is building, based on the theory that the true scalability of digital therapy in mental health care relies on full automation-no clinical intervention. In a crowded space, how will Resony stand out as an independent enterprise rather than the “function” of a larger, full-service virtual priority mental health care provider? Is this an opportunity that Bayer might see an “around the pill” or “parallel with the pill” approach? Another use case for digital mental health to explore!

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