New York City Construction Accident Lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter Answers Who Is to Blame When Construct…

New York City Construction Accident Lawyer Jonathan C. Reiter Answers Who Is to Blame When Construct…



Many construction sites in New York City are large and complex, with many moving parts. On a construction site, numerous parties may be involved, and each party may bear some responsibility for a construction worker’s injury or death.

Site owner – During the course of a construction project, the owner of the site is usually the owner of the property. As the owner or occupant of the land, the site owner typically has significant control over the site and the work being done. This usually means they are legally liable for injuries or deaths because they were aware of, or should have been aware of, a dangerous condition on the property.

General contractor – When a worker is injured or killed on the job, the general contractor and certain subcontractors may be held liable. In many cases, it is the general contractor’s responsibility to ensure that workers have the necessary safety equipment and training to work without being exposed to hazards.

Architects – In some cases, a construction accident occurs because a building or structure is inherently unsafe or was not properly inspected before work began. An architect or a building engineer may be held liable for the death or injury of a construction worker.

Manufacturers of construction equipment – If a construction site injury or death occurs due to faulty or defective equipment, the manufacturer of that equipment may be held liable for a construction accident resulting in death or injury.

If you were injured on the job as a construction worker, you could take steps to protect your claim. First and foremost, you should seek medical attention for your injuries. It is critical to avoid delays in medical treatment because an insurance company or other responsible party may try to claim that your injuries were caused by something other than the construction site accident.

Source: Who Is Responsible When Construction Workers Are Hurt on the Job?

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