Florida Law Requires Victims to Notify the Police After the Car Accident

Florida Law Requires Victims to Notify the Police After the Car Accident



Car accidents are terrifying experiences because they happen so suddenly and usually without any warning. After an accident, you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do first. It will likely cross your mind to call the police first after checking to see if you or your passengers are injured.

Ultimately, you should call the police after every accident, even if it seems minor. You may hesitate in a minor collision because you don’t want to go through the hassle. You may even think this is something you and the other driver can handle amongst yourselves by exchanging your contact information and insurance before leaving.

However, that’s not the best idea. While it is true that you should always stop and exchange information, calling the police to report the accident is in your best interest.

Why Should I Call the Police After a Car Crash?

Many drivers feel silly for involving the police in minor collisions, but you should never feel ridiculous for protecting yourself. When you call the police, they will file a police report which may serve as evidence if you realize you’re injured.

While Florida law requires you to notify the police of major damages or injuries, you may think it’s not worth wasting their time if you don’t feel hurt. Often, people in minor accidents are surprised they have whiplash from a low-impact accident.

This is why you should always call 911 for any type of crash. You will have vital evidence to protect you if a lawsuit arises. Don’t worry if there is no need for immediate medical assistance, or you can move your cars away from the traffic flow. In some cases, officers may not be dispatched, but they can create a report to serve as legal documentation if it is needed later on.

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