Indian Prime Minister Modi was hacked by Twitter account to try to carry out Bitcoin scam

[ad_1] The official Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) was hacked earlier today and was subsequently used to share misleading information about mainstream Bitcoin adoption (Bitcoin) And redistribute 500 BTC among Indian citizens. On December 10, Modi said at the virtual event virtual summit hosted by US President Joe Biden, such […]

French fabric manufacturer becomes a touchstone for reindustrialization

[ad_1] Last year, when Covid-19 first swept Europe, a French textile company tweeted that it would start manufacturing surgical masks. Within a few hours, the Ministry of Health asked how much it could produce; two days later, Les Tissages de Charlieu produced 100,000 masks for French hospitals and public officials. “Our goal is to put […]

Rich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki insists that the Great Depression is coming – predicts that “gold, silver, bitcoin, and real estate will also collapse” – market and price bitcoin news

[ad_1] Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”, said that a crash and depression is coming, and predicts that “gold, silver, bitcoin, and real estate will also collapse.” He added that he is preparing to buy all four types after the crash. Type of investment. Robert Kiyosaki predicts that the […]

Institutional investors expect major adjustments in the crypto market next year – Bitcoin News

[ad_1] According to a survey released by Natixis Investment Managers, many institutional investors predict that the cryptocurrency market will undergo a major adjustment next year. Despite seeing cryptocurrencies as the main contender for major adjustments, institutional investors are increasingly keen on asset classes. Institutional investors see cryptocurrency as a major contender for major corrections Natixis […]

Vitalik Buterin outlines the path to ETH 2.0, Visa launches encryption consulting services, and Biden’s Comptroller’s anti-crypto nominee exit: Hodler’s Digest, December 5-11

[ad_1] Come every Saturday, Hodler’s Digest Will help you keep track of every important news report that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulatory focus, leading tokens, forecasts, etc.-Cointelegraph of the week on one link. Headlines this week Vitalik Buterin outlines the “endgame” roadmap for ETH 2.0 As the long-awaited transition […]

From NFT to CBDC, cryptocurrencies must resolve compliance issues before regulators

[ad_1] Every year we are getting further and further away from Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, and cryptocurrencies have become more popular than ever before, breaking more barriers-not only pure enthusiasm, but also mainstream acceptance. From non-fungible tokens (NFT) to Metaverse, 2021 is the year of cryptocurrency, even after the same statement can be made almost […]

Democrats urge the Fed to take tougher action to fight inflation

[ad_1] Moderate Democrats are pushing the Fed to take more aggressive monetary tightening to eliminate inflation, Which shows that they are increasingly worried about the political impact of high prices. Before the Federal Open Market Committee meeting next week, pressure from the Democratic center on the Fed has increased. During this period Federal Reserve It […]

Enterprise blockchain plays a key role in creating a sustainable future

[ad_1] Bitcoin (Bitcoin) Is often used to criticize all blockchain-based projects. This is understandable, because Bitcoin is the first project to use the blockchain, arguably the most well-known and largest cryptocurrency by market value. In the first half of this article, I will use Bitcoin as a proxy for all blockchain-based projects, because most people […]

Report – Blockchain Bitcoin News

[ad_1] According to reports, e-commerce giant Amazon recently invested in a part of the sports trading card market called Dibbs. The platform is built on the Wax blockchain and allows users to buy and sell some collection trading cards. The report further added that the financial terms of Amazon’s support for Dibbs have not been […]

5 times fast crypto traders buy the news with double (or triple) digit profit

[ad_1] Why do cryptocurrency traders “buy rumors and sell news”? simple. Because the whispers of exchange listings or big-name partnerships are rarely reachable… and an article on Cointelegraph can reach hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts in a matter of seconds. Although insiders are quietly accumulating tokens for rumors, the rest of us have no […]