5 times fast crypto traders buy the news with double (or triple) digit profit

5 times fast crypto traders buy the news with double (or triple) digit profit


Why do cryptocurrency traders “buy rumors and sell news”?

simple. Because the whispers of exchange listings or big-name partnerships are rarely reachable… and an article on Cointelegraph can reach hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts in a matter of seconds. Although insiders are quietly accumulating tokens for rumors, the rest of us have no idea what might happen.

But for rumors, there are no guarantees. For traders who bet that they are true…but the result is wrong, this may lead to disappointment and serious investment losses.

So, how can you compete with thousands of other market participants when important news really breaks out? In order to catch the price before it spikes, you must be one of the first to know.

Take a look at the following example-the time from the tightly protected announcement to the 144% massive price spike may be only a few minutes!

NewsQuakes™ in Cointelegraph Markets Pro The data intelligence platform allows you to completely outsource the monitoring of the encrypted news space to AI. The machine learning algorithm will automatically sort through thousands of related sources and immediately alert members through mobile notifications when a potential market change event is detected.

NewsQuake™ announcements are intercepted from major sources such as trading websites, media posts, or projects’ Twitter accounts, which means traders don’t have to wait for the media or their favorite influencers to turn the original information into a story.

Extensive research has identified three types of news- Exchange listing, pledge and partnership announcement -This is most likely to trigger a strong rebound.

Here are 5 stories that remind traders of the huge profit opportunities in 2021…and some vivid illustrations of how NewsQuakes™ provides information to Markets Pro members.

Wax (WAXP): +144% within 2 hours

WAXP price after Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake™

Exchange listings reliably increase the price of crypto, especially when it is a small and medium-sized token listed on a major exchange.

On August 23, before the news of WAXP’s listing on Binance, the token was traded at 18 cents. Within two hours of the announcement, the price of WAX soared to 44 cents. In this case, getting news quickly is the key.

As can be seen from the chart, the NewsQuake™ alert (red circle) was issued before the WAX ??price explosion.

Decentraland (MANA): 111% in 96 hours

MANA prices are as follows Cointelegraph Markets Pro News Earthquake™

It’s hard to believe now that in March 2021, before Facebook changed its name to Meta and the related hype surrounding the asset group now widely known as the Metaverse token, MANA was trading at only $0.55.

On March 12, OKEx announced the activation of margin trading for the asset, which aroused the interest of cryptocurrency investors and triggered a long-term rebound. In the next four days, MANA rose from US$0.55 to US$1.16. The sooner traders buy NewsQuake™, the more profit they will make for themselves…

Polygon (MATIC): +90% within 50 hours

MATIC prices are as follows Cointelegraph Markets Pro News Earthquake™

On February 23, during the cooling-off period after the first stop of this week’s surge, MATIC announced its debut on Binance Staking, bringing a powerful second wind to the asset. (The red circle represents Markets Pro NewsQuake™.)

The resulting rise pushed the token from US$0.11 to above the historical high of US$0.21 at the time, an increase of 90%. Today, given that the annual return on investment of the token is more than 11,000%, this may seem trivial, but on that day, traders must be satisfied that the price of MATIC “only” almost doubled.

VeChain (VET): +46% within 52 hours

VET prices are as follows Cointelegraph Markets Pro News Earthquake™

A good example of influential collaborative news is VeChain’s announcement on April 12th to cooperate with the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

It is not surprising that the news that the enterprise-oriented blockchain project has won the customer base of one of the four largest companies has pushed the price of the token up by 46% in two days.

In this case, NewsQuake™ from Markets Pro was significantly earlier than the main rebound.

Amplifier (AMP): +42% within one hour

AMP prices are as follows Cointelegraph Markets Pro News Earthquake™

On November 23, a post on the Binance Twitter account announced that the digital mortgage token AMP will be listed on the trading platform. Markets Pro users will receive near-instant NewsQuake™ alerts within a few seconds.

This was a very clean breakthrough: Obviously, no one was the first to report the news, and the price of the token soared immediately after the announcement, almost vertically soaring to $0.050 to $0.071 within an hour-a 42% increase.

Timing is the key, and those Cointelegraph Markets Pro Members who received the news early due to the NewsQuake™ alert found themselves ahead of others.

Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment advisor. We do not provide personalized or personalized investment advice. Cryptocurrency is an unstable investment and carries significant risks, including the risk of permanent loss and total loss. Past performance does not predict future results. The figures and diagrams are correct at the time of writing or otherwise specified. The strategy of real-time testing is not a recommendation. Before making a financial decision, consult your financial advisor.

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