Eastern Caribbean CBDC expands to two other regions

[ad_1] The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) launched its digital payment system to the Commonwealth of Dominica and the British Overseas Territory Montserrat on December 7. Only Anguilla is left in the eight countries planning to implement the system. European Central Bank roll out “EC USD” Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) March 2021 work together […]

FirstFT: Boris Johnson turned to Plan B to control Omicron’s spread

[ad_1] Good morning.This article is our live version First FT communication.Register our Asia, Europe/Africa or America A version sent directly to your inbox every working day morning Click on here Listen to the latest news in less than three minutes. Today’s headline news is an audio news summary that allows you to quickly understand the […]

Visa Launches Encryption Consulting Service-Says “Digital Currency Is Growing In The Public Consciousness”-Finance Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Payment giant Visa has launched a global encryption consulting service. The company’s executive said: “Last year, we saw a major shift in customer mentality, from the desire to explore and experiment with cryptocurrencies, to actually formulate strategies and product roadmaps.” Visa’s global encryption consulting services Payment giant Visa announced the launch of its “Global […]

Emerging markets are hit by a sudden slowdown in new foreign investment

[ad_1] Fearing that many economies will not be able to recover from the pandemic next year, foreign investment in stocks and bonds in emerging markets outside of China suddenly stopped. Omi Kron Coronavirus variants and expectations of a US interest rate hike. According to data from the Institute of International Finance, in late November, since […]

Can commercial real estate help investors hedge against inflation?

[ad_1] British inflation This gives retail investors a strong incentive to find ways to hedge against the impact of rising prices.Traditionally, a popular candidate for the position is commercial estate. However, evidence of commercial property rental growth over the past 40 years suggests that investors should not assume that the same property types that provided […]

Visa creation service advises financial institutions on cryptocurrencies

[ad_1] This is a new dawn. Credit card giant Visa is now engaged in the cryptocurrency business. However, they will not buy or sell yet. Its new department will provide advice to everyone. From retail customers to financial institutions and even central banks can obtain information from Visa’s encryption experts. Many people still value the […]

Reddit launches waiting list for “community points” site extension

[ad_1] Reddit has launched a waiting list for its Ethereum-based “community points” token reward program and a dedicated website for the upcoming full site expansion. The social media platform is based on voting to obtain user karma scores, and first dabbles in encrypted token rewards In December 2019, it launched a token reward based on […]

Shareholders sued Centene for insight into leadership role in alleged Medicaid fraud

[ad_1] An investor in Centene is taking the largest Medicaid-managed health insurance company in the United States to court, seeking access to company records to determine how much responsibility its leaders will bear for the company’s estimated $1.25 billion in drug fraud settlements. Shareholder Robert Garfield filed a lawsuit in the Delaware Chancery Court on […]

Conversations on Valuation-Healthcare Economist

[ad_1] Check out this Friday (December 10) at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time / 7 AM Pacific Standard Time at The Hill Rare Diseases: A Dialogue on Value EvaluationThe summary of the subject and the list of speakers are as follows. One in ten Americans has a rare disease—that is, 30 million Americans need treatment. […]