FirstFT: Boris Johnson turned to Plan B to control Omicron’s spread

FirstFT: Boris Johnson turned to Plan B to control Omicron’s spread


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Boris Johnson debut New coronavirus restrictions Yesterday, in order to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, he “unreservedly” apologized for his assistant joking about the leak of the Christmas party video during the blockade.

England’s new measures include guidance on working from home from Monday, while Masks will be mandatory From tomorrow on, it will apply to all indoor venues, except for bars and restaurants. Covid-19 passports will be used for large indoor and outdoor gatherings.

The Prime Minister also announced that Cabinet Secretary Simon Keys will investigate media reports that Holiday party It was held on December 18th last year on the 10th, when such parties were banned.

But many Conservative MPs opposed the Plan B restrictions. Johnson tried to avoid these restrictions, which showed that his High-risk plan Dig yourself out of the latest political loopholes.

Downing Street staff laughed at the violation of the Covid rules reinforced the view that the only important question for this administration is “Can we get away with it?”, Robert Shrimsley wrote.

Financial Times Viewpoint It is the “partygate” that will make it more difficult for the government to impose stricter restrictions.

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1. The four major releases have the strongest performance since Enron Since the Enron scandal led to Andersen’s collapse in 2002, the accounting firm has recorded the strongest collective performance. Accumulated USD 167.3 billion As corporate customers are eager to transform during the coronavirus pandemic, their annual turnover has increased.

2. The slowdown in foreign investment hits emerging markets Foreign investment in stocks and bonds in emerging markets outside China has reached Stop suddenly Because of concerns that many economies will not be able to recover from the pandemic next year, and expectations of rising interest rates.

3. The UK real estate boom has created a windfall of 3 trillion pounds of “inequality” The rising housing prices in the past two decades have brought about “Unearned, unequal and untaxed windfall“According to a new study, this has the greatest impact on the older generation, the rich and Londoners.

4. Holmes concludes Theranos trial testimony Elizabeth Holmes talked about her decision to create a failed blood testing startup during the 7-day inquiry that ended yesterday. The company is one of the most failed blood testing startups in Silicon Valley. The closely watched fraud trial Close to the conclusion.

The jury is expected to begin deliberating on the fate of Elizabeth Holmes this month, and if found guilty, she could face imprisonment © Bloomberg

5. The head of Instagram calls for rules to protect children on social media Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has called external regulators to set rules for how social media companies protect children during the epidemic. Congressional hearing Understand the impact of the platform on young users.

Coronavirus Digest

  • one third BioNTech/Pfizer Covid-19 shooting Provide protection Preliminary studies have shown that for the Omicron variant, only two doses showed reduced effectiveness. Pfizer hopes to have a vaccine specifically targeting available strains by March.

  • Credit Suisse Has acknowledged the chairman Antonio Horta-Osorio Violation of Swiss quarantine regulations Fly in and out within three days.

  • this lb Fell to Its lowest level As the prospect of new restrictions cast a shadow over the economic outlook, the exchange rate against the U.S. dollar fell for more than a year.

  • TuiEurope’s largest tour operator warned that concerns about Omicron and rising infection rates have led to Start to affect bookings. Slow rebound Aviation, hotel and cruise industry Sparked a game Executive turnover.

Thank you readers who participated in our voting. 63% of the respondents said that they think it is very likely that England will implement new coronavirus restrictions before the new year.A few hours later, Johnson Unveil A package of measures.

the day before

Joe Biden’s “Democracy Summit” begins this Two-day virtual meeting Hosted by the White House will be attended by 111 heads of government, excluding China, Russia and most authoritarian countries.

The Senate votes to raise the U.S. debt ceiling this Initial vote It is expected that the Democratic Party will be allowed to take unilateral action to increase the federal borrowing limit today.

Benefit result Lululemon Athletica third quarter report result, And Broadcom is expected to announce its fourth quarter results.

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Nord Stream 2 is the core of the U.S. warning to Putin The natural gas pipeline to Germany is at the top of Washington’s list of potential sanctions. Western countries can use these sanctions to threaten Russia to show that any invasion of Ukraine will pay a heavy price. This is why.

  • the latest update: Joe Biden made one Major diplomatic concessions Discuss Vladimir Putin’s dissatisfaction with the Transatlantic Security Agreement by suggesting that he wants to convene a meeting between NATO allies and Russia.

Use “synthetic data” to expose war crimes in Syria Researchers are increasingly turning to “Synthetic data“Rather than real images to train artificial intelligence programs to recognize weapons used in conflicts and capture them on social media. But can the technology adequately represent reality?

Is the economy really good? It depends on your point of view, Gillian Tett wroteEconomists and policymakers now need to upgrade the system that tracks the economy, which includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative perspectives.

Oil and gas professionals compete for talent All European oil majors have formulated a strategy to net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. But to achieve these goals, recruitment and retraining are required on an unprecedented scale.Can they Convince potential new employees On board?

“You need to develop a credible and meaningful strategy and show how people can make a difference”-Ronan Cassidy, Shell Chief Human Resources and Corporate Officer

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Supported by luxury brands and high street brands, down jackets are a ubiquitous part of the winter wardrobe

Supported by luxury brands and high-street brands, down jackets are a ubiquitous part of the winter wardrobe © Getty Images

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