Boris Johnson announces live broadcast-As the easing policy on July 19 will be “censored” in September, there is concern that the UK’s new crown virus blockade may make a comeback

WHITTY: Taking the next step slowly is essential to reduce the impact of the “exit wave”

Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer of England, said that slowing the next step is “critical” to reduce the impact of the “exit wave”.

He said that the scientific community generally believes that the four-week delay in the final phase of the roadmap is important to reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

He said at the Downing Street press conference: “Secondly, people agree that whenever we take the next step, there will be a so-called exit wave — and the wave that will follow will follow.”

“And the slower we take it, the fewer people will be infected with Covid, the smaller the peak will be, and the fewer hospitalizations and deaths.

“So, it is very necessary to pass this step very slowly. This is the overwhelming view of the scientific and medical communities. This is an overwhelming view. We should go slowly, steadily and cautiously, as the Prime Minister said. That’s what it said.”

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