Daytona car accident lawyer worried serious injuries increasing

Volusia, Orange and Brevard MVC injuries & insurance claims continue to rise states John Rue, injury lawyer with Rue and Ziffra. Accident attorney states victims needs to seek treatment after crashes.

Daytona Beach, Florida ( — Aggressive Daytona beach car accident attorney comments on the most common injury resulting in motor vehicle accidents, and the lack of compensation by the insurance industry. Rough estimates indicate over one million people suffer from whiplash in car crashes every year. Whiplash has been determined to be the most common injury resulting from a motor vehicle collision (MVC). It causes injury to joints, discs, ligaments, cervical muscles and nerves. More than 25% with neck injuries result in chronic pain and even disability for life. Most car seats fail the “Whiplash test” according to research. Records further indicate victims of automobile accidents decline immediate medical attention, at the scene of the accident, or shortly after, because they feel their injuries are not serious. According to professionals in the legal community and insurance adjusters this may result in your insurance company denying your claims for physical injury if you delay treatment.

Daytona Beach car accident attorney suggests several things a person must do when involved in a MVC to help secure compensation for their personal and vehicular injuries.

Call the police and file a report immediately.
Seek immediate medical attention at a local hospital, clinic or with your personal physician
Call your insurance company and report the accident immediately.
When making the initial report with your insurance company inform them you are seeking immediate medical treatment for being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Contacting a personal injury attorney or law firm knowledgeable in accidents, how to seek the appropriate medical care, and file insurance claims may assist you and your family to recover your losses. Consulting a litigation expert with experience in motor vehicle, truck accidents, SUV accidents, and motorcycle accidents immediately after the date of injury may save you and your family from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Legal expert contributor on topic of car accidents in Central Florida, John Rue, Rue & Ziffra, P.A.

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