NFC East was the goal mat and laughing stock of last season. Each team scored less than 0.500, and Washington was able to win the division 7-9. Since their Super Bowl game, the Eagles have been in trouble, the Cowboys dealt with Duck Prescott’s devastating injury, and the Giants’ 6-10 campaign is considered a success to some extent because Their recent incompetence.

Will NFC East improve in 2021, or will it still be the worst department in the NFL?Let’s break it all down, starting from NFL odds Each team wins:

• Dallas Cowboys +125

Washington Football Team +260
New York Giants +350
Philadelphia Eagles +500

Let’s take a look at the situation of each team one by one:

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys did not start the Mike McCarthy era with a loud noise. Prescott sprained his ankle at the beginning of the season and things went off the rails. Before he leaves the field, his statistics are amazing. Under the dominion of Amari Cooper, Sidi Lamb and Michael Gallup, there is reason to be optimistic about the offense.

The team fired defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, which is a step in the right direction for the defense. If rookie linebacker Micah Parsons can achieve his star potential, then the team should at least improve significantly.All things considered, the Cowboys look great NFL Draft For NFC East.

Washington football team

Washington won the NFC East last year, but they found themselves far behind the Cowboys in betting odds. Alex Smith retires, which means that Washington is likely to sign Ryan Fitzpatrick as a center as a free agent. They signed Samuel Curtis away from the Panthers, but outside of Terry McLaughlin, the technical position group is still a bit impressive.

Last year’s defense was great, and he was still very young. Their young defensive core, led by Chase Young, should only continue to get better. But as a reward for the first place, they must now play according to the first place schedule. The tough games with the Bills, Packers and Seahawks (no other members of the department will participate) are now waiting for the results.

New York Giants

The Giants ended the game with 6 wins and 10 losses, but almost everyone was satisfied with Joe Judge’s first year of coaching. The team lived up to expectations and fought to the end. Daniel Jones ups and downs, which may be well-intentioned, but the defense has been very good all year. New York is bold in this offseason, signing a big contract between Kenny Gorradi and Adorie Jackson.

Perhaps unfortunately, their 2021 aspirations will continue as Jones develops. If he doesn’t take a big step forward, even if Saquon Barkley is fully healthy after the ACL tear, it will be difficult to see them making too much noise. The defense may be a bit overdone in 2020, and they haven’t done enough to support the offensive line.

Philadelphia Eagles

All of this brings us to the Eagles, who were the undisputed kings of the department just a few short years ago. Oh, how the strong fell.

Philadelphia now finds that they have the lowest odds in the NFC East as they enter a transitional year. Carson Wentz and Doug Pedersen are out; Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni are both here. The Hawks gained a stable pick through the trade and still found a potential top receiver in DeVonta Smith. With the return of Brandon Brooks and Ryan Johnson, the offensive line should be greatly improved. Nevertheless, Hertz’s receiver is not ideal, especially when Zach Oetz is traded or released. Many key defensive figures, such as Fletcher Fox, Brandon Graham, Darius Sley, Rodney McLeod, etc., are on the wrong side of 30 and haven’t gotten younger.

the best choice

It might be boring, but getting any extra money for me Like the Cowboys +125 as mine

NFL prediction
Washington’s defense should be regressing, because it is difficult to become the best team in the league for two consecutive years. Their schedules have also become increasingly difficult. Dallas has the most talented offense in the division to date and is the only top quarterback. Jones will not lead any team to double-digit victories, and the Eagles still have no talent or defensive skills. If the Cowboys defense can become an ordinary unit, they should be able to easily win the NFC East.

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