Look at the Hawks’ rookie salary cap numbers and the funds needed to sign them

Look at the Hawks’ rookie salary cap numbers and the funds needed to sign them



One of the better changes brought about by the NFL’s 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement is that the salary caps for all rookie picks are pre-determined, and the purpose is to almost eliminate rookie hold selections. It succeeded.

Even before the start of the 2021 NFL Draft, the salary cap for each draft position is in place, from the No. 1 pick (i.e. Trevor Lawrence) to the No. 259 pick. Gran Studder.The following is an estimate of the Hawks’ rookie salary ceiling for the next four years, using OverTheCap.com resources.

We also use this page as a rookie signature tracker and check every player who has signed.The Eagles usually sign all rookies with one shot, but they go astray Piecemeal Last year because of COVID.

player 2021 2022 2023 2024
Sid von Smith (WR DeVonta Smith) $ 3,662,081 $ 4,577,601 $ 5,493,121 $ 6,408,641
OL Landon Dickerson $ 1,573,943 $ 1,967,429 $ 2,360,915 $ 2,754,401
DT Milton Williams $ 929,124 $ 1,161,405 $ 1,393,686 $ 1,625,967
CB Richard Ellis McPhearson (Zech McPhearson) $ 842,415 $ 1,007,415 $ 1,122,415 $ 1,237,415
RB Kenny Gainwell $ 743,881 $ 908,881 $ 1,023,881 $ 1,138,881
DT Marlon Tuipulotu $ 708,978 $ 873,978 $ 988,978 $ 1,103,978
De Taren Jackson $ 707,439 $ 872,439 $ 987,439 $ 1,102,439
LB JaCoby Stevens $ 692,677 $ 857,677 $ 972,677 $ 1,087,677
LB Patrick Johnson $ 686,468 $ 851,468 $ 966,468 $ 1,081,468

During the 2024 offseason, the Hawks will also have the opportunity to make a fifth-year selection for Smith.

After you add up all the amounts in the “2021” column, the total rookie pool for the Eagles draft category is estimated to be $10,547,006. Will they need about $10.5 million in cap space to sign all their rookies? No, that is not very effective. Because the NFL only counts the top 51 players into the salary cap, it can be said that only Smith, Dixon and Williams will replace the players above the “top 51” boundary.

As you can see OverTheCap’s Eagles page, There are many players in the top 51. According to this year’s game cap, the total prize money for each of them is US$850,000. In other words, you will get the caps of Smith, Dickerson, and Williams, and subtract $850,000 from their cap amount in 2021, and then add these three amounts to get the additional cap space the Eagles need to sign them Draft picks.

I will save your work.This is one yuan3,615,148.The Eagles currently have The salary space is $5,021,321, according to NFLPA public daily salary cap report, So they can sign all rookie picks without clearing more cap space.

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