Toddler booted from flight for being unruly

05/31/2012 // West Palm Beach, Florida, US // JusticeNews // Justice News Flash // (press release)

Alaska – A toddler and his family were removed from a flight after the child reportedly caused a disruption on board. As reported by, the father of the three-year-old was asked to take his son off the plane after the child refused to keep his seatbelt on. The two were also traveling with the boy’s mother and brother, who were seated in first class.

The child’s father, Mark Yanchak, says the airline overreacted in booting then from the flight. Yanchak is quoted by as stating of the matter, “Kids crying, people snoring, large, smelly people, we deal with it, it’s normal.”

The airline reportedly stated the action was taken due to safety concerns.

Yanchak is further quoted as stating of taking flights in the future, “I’m not sure how the kids will feel about flying next time.”

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