Plant City, Florida police officers wreck Harley-Davidson injuring 2 women

Plant City, Florida police officers wreck Harley-Davidson injuring 2 women


Plant City Police Department motorcycle wreck leaves 2 injured. Two women suffered injuries when officers lost control of motorcycle.

December 8, 2008, Tampa Bay, FL, (– Two spectators injured during a Plant City Police Department demonstration remain recovering from their injuries. The demonstration, by the Plant City Police Department in Plant City, Florida occurred on November 18, 2008 and the report of the investigation was released last week. The two Hillsborough County, Florida women struck by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, operated by Plant City police officers suffered significant leg injuries, when the officers wrecked the motorcycle. The significant injuries suffered by the two spectators have required ongoing medical treatment and surgery at South Florida Regional Hospital and Habana Health Care Center.

Reporters and motorcycle injury attorneys for (JNF) assert motorcycle wrecks typically cause significant damages and injuries to riders and passengers. The Plant City Police Department’s preliminary findings are listed below:

-Officer Chad Rader was riding a 2005 Harley-Davidson during the demonstration
-Rader was going 37 mph when he lost control of the 800 pound Harley
-The wheel locked when the front brake was applied
-Rader tipped the cycle, throwing him and launching the Harley-Davidson 36 feet on its side
-The bleachers, holding 17 members of the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce Leadership program, were struck by the out-of-control motorcycle.

Legal news specialists at JNF, a web site visibility medium, advocate tirelessly for injured motorcycle riders and passengers. Florida is a state with many motorcycle enthusiasts and provides beautiful scenery and great riding weather. Home to the annual Daytona Beach Bike Week, motorcycle wrecks and injuries are not uncommon to the state of Florida. Injured bikers and their families may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and damages from a motorcycle wreck. Contacting an attorney specializing in motorcycle injury law and bike wreck wrongful death lawsuits may help you receive the legal guidance to collect your claims for damages and injuries.

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