San Francisco product liability attorney Mary Alexander reports: NHTSA, Toyota to investigate San Diego runaway Toyota Prius scare

/// 03/16/2010 San Diego, CA (Press Release)- With over 8 million vehicles recalled and a slew of class-action, wrongful death, and personal injury suits pending against the controversial automaker, Toyota’s troubles are far from over. The notorious automobile manufacturer, apparently linked to a total of 56 fatal crashes, was recently notified of yet another sudden […]

Two firefighters injured while fighting Burnsville, MN apartment fire

Legal news for Minnesota personal injury attorneys. A collapsed ceiling injured two firefighters. Minnesota personal injury attorneys alert- A apartment fire in Burnsville, MN left two firefighters injured. Minneapolis, MN—Two firefighters were injured in the line of duty while trying to extinguish a large apartment complex fire in Burnsville. Fire officials responded to the fire […]

Oprah Winfrey on trial for defamatory comments towards former headmistress

Legal news for attorneys handling free speech cases. Oprah Winfrey accused of making defamatory remarks regarding former South African school headmistress. Oprah Winfrey accused of making defamatory remarks about headmistress of South African leadership academy following abuse allegations. Philadelphia, PA – A trial set to begin on March 29, 2010 in Philadelphia will determine if […]

Utah tanker rollover results in injuries and thousand of gallons of spilt fuel

Legal news for Utah 18-wheeler attorneys. A tanker rollover spilled massive amounts of diesel fuel along I-15. The Utah Highway Patrol is investigating a semi-truck rollover on Interstate 15 that resulted in a fuel spill and fire. Salt Lake City, UT—A tanker carrying several thousand gallons of fuel overturned on Interstate 15, resulting in a […]

Four students critically injured following rollover wreck near Tri-Center H.S.

Legal news for Iowa automobile accident attorneys. A rollover wreck seriously injured four girls on the way to school. Iowa State Patrol alert automobile accident lawyers- A rollover crash hospitalized four girls. Council Bluffs, IA—A local high school was turned upside down after hearing the news that three fellow freshmen and one eighth-grade student were […]

NBA star Iverson receives divorce subpoena

03/15/2010 NBA star Allen Iverson marital separation becomes public record when spouse hired typical divorce attorney elected divorce court over private divorce mediation. New York, NY(news)–NBA star’s wife chooses divorce litigation instead of divorce mediation and finds her private and personal family matter making national headlines. Philadelphia NBA basketball player, Allen Iverson, is now involved […]