NBA star Iverson receives divorce subpoena

NBA star Iverson receives divorce subpoena



NBA star Allen Iverson marital separation becomes public record when spouse hired typical divorce attorney elected divorce court over private divorce mediation.

New York, NY(news)–NBA star’s wife chooses divorce litigation instead of divorce mediation and finds her private and personal family matter making national headlines. Philadelphia NBA basketball player, Allen Iverson, is now involved in a divorce court proceeding according to recent news reports and the public record filing in Fulton County Superior Court.

What seems to be most interesting about numerous media reports is that Tawanna Iverson is apparently a very private person and has always maintained a private stance for herself and her family throughout Iverson’s high profile career. Most couples don’t realize when they hire a typical divorce lawyer and file a petition for divorce through the court system they have now entered into a civil litigation. This means their filing and petition are now public record and available for viewing. The private matter of the Iverson’s marital separation and now pending divorce is available for the world to see.

Iverson’s wife listed their more than 8 year marriage as “irretrievably broken” and demanded child support, alimony, attorneys’ fees, and equitable division of their assets and property. Her private life has now become highly public. By choosing divorce mediation with an experienced divorce attorney firm who specializes in marital discord and separation, couples maintain their privacy, dignity, and community reputation. Don’t litigate; mediate. New York divorce mediation; the solution to conflict resolution. Toll Free: 888-616-0445


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