/// 03/16/2010
San Diego, CA (Press Release)- With over 8 million vehicles recalled and a slew of class-action, wrongful death, and personal injury suits pending against the controversial automaker, Toyota’s troubles are far from over. The notorious automobile manufacturer, apparently linked to a total of 56 fatal crashes, was recently notified of yet another sudden acceleration-related incident. Reports stated a California Highway Patrol trooper narrowly managed to help a motorist stop his runaway Prius after it sped along the highway for nearly 30 miles on Monday, March 8, 2010. Furthermore, the driver of the 2008 Prius noted that he had responded to a Toyota dealership merely three weeks before the horrifying incident, after receiving a recall notice from the company. Conversely, the driver was told that his vehicle was not affected by the Prius recall upon arrival at the Toyota of El Cajon dealership, according to information provided by the Los Angeles Times.

According to 61-year-old James Sikes, who was fortunate to have escaped injury when his Prius suddenly accelerated on Interstate 8, “The gas pedal stuck open all the way…I was laying on the brakes, but it wasn’t slowing down.” Sikes allegedly managed to veer in and out of traffic to avoid numerous potential motor vehicle collisions (MVC), as his car sped down I-8 at approximately 90 miles per hour. All efforts made as a means of stopping the out-of-control vehicle seemed helpless as the brakes were defective. Sikes reportedly dialed 911 as he sped down the highway, dodging traffic. A CHP trooper managed to catch up with him after he made the emergency call and proceeded to direct him, via loudspeaker, to pull his emergency break at the same time as he pushed down on his malfunctioning brake pedal. Once the vehicle slowed to speeds of approximately 50 miles per hour, Sikes was instructed to turn off his engine, subsequently allowing him to cruise to a halt. Authorities from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a Toyota field technician specialist are expected to investigate the horrifying runaway Prius incident.

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