Florida teacher threatens to shoot students and kill principal

Legal news for Florida criminal attorneys. A science teacher threatens to shoot several students and gave principal 13 days to live.

Florida criminal lawyers alert- A West Orange High School science teacher was arrested after making threatening statements.

Orange County, FL—An Orange County teacher was arrested after he told a guidance counselor that principal had 13 days to live, and he was going to shoot several undisclosed students. The teacher, Jerrold Gabriel, is currently on leave from his position as a science teacher at West Orange High School, as reported by WFTV.

Court documents stated, Jerrold Gabriela confided in a guidance counselor that he “wanted a student to be first on a list to get into a class and he would take a gun and shoot any student that was ahead of him on the list.” In addition, the court documents reported Gabriel made threatening remarks stating he would kill Principal James Larsen, and then continued to say Larsen had only 13 days left to live. Gabriel was escorted off of school grounds and to the Orange County jail after making the frightening threats. Principal Larsen did not alert parents of the incident because he said there were no direct threats against any named or specified students. Gabriel reportedly has been a employed as a teacher at West Orange High School since 2003. The science teacher has since been bonded out of the Orange County jail, and is on paid leave from the school pending a full investigation.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Florida criminal lawyers.