Leslie County KY plane crash: NTSB, FAA to probe double-fatal aviation accident

Legal News for Kentucky Aviation Accident Lawyers. Two Maryland residents were killed when the small plane they were occupying crashed in Leslie County, Kentucky. Kentucky aviation accident lawyer alert- A fatal plane crash occurred in Leslie County, KY, resulting in the deaths of two Maryland residents; FAA, NTSB to investigate. Leslie County, KY—A small plane […]

Boulder CO plane crash: Plane hits car, crashes; pilot flees the scene

Legal news for Colorado aviation accident lawyers. No one was injured when a plane hit a moving vehicle as it crash-landed in a field. Colorado aviation accident lawyers alerts- A plane hit a moving car near the Boulder Municipal Airport. Boulder, CO—A bizarre accident involving a plane and a car occurred near the Boulder Municipal […]

Burbank CA aviation news: Southwest Airlines jet, Cessna nearly collided

Legal news for California aviation accident attorneys. A Southwest Airlines jet and a single-engine plane nearly collided at Burbank airport. A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 and a Cessna 174 nearly crashed at the Burbank Airport, the FAA and NTSB are investigating. Burbank, CA—There was a close call at the Burbank airport when a Southwest Airlines […]

Port Huron MI aviation accident: Coast Guard helicopter crashed into Lake Huron

Legal News for Michigan Aviation Accident Attorneys. Three U.S. Coast Guardsmen escaped injury after the rescue helicopter they were in crashed into Lake Huron. News for Michigan aviation accident lawyers- No injuries were reported after a Coast Guard helicopter crash occurred near Port Huron, Michigan. Port Huron, MI—A U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) rescue helicopter became […]

Jefferson County Indiana aviation accident: Pilot/doctor killed in plane wreck

Legal News for Indiana Aviation Accident Attorneys. A small plane crashed into a southern Indiana field near the Madison Municipal Airport, killing the pilot on impact. News for Indiana aviation accident lawyers- FAA to probe fatal plane crash that killed pilot in Jefferson County, Indiana. Jefferson County, IN—An elderly and well-known pilot was killed in […]

Zellwood Florida aviation accident: FAA to probe fatal Zellwood plane crash

Legal News for Florida Aviation Accident Attorneys. A pilot was killed in a small plane crash at the North Orlando Airpark near Zellwood, Florida. Florida aviation accident lawyer alert- FAA officials expected to probe fatal plane crash, which caused a small blaze and killed the pilot near Zellwood, FL. Zellwood, FL—A single-engine plane was involved […]

Morganton Georgia aviation accident UPDATE: navy plane crash victims identified

Legal News for Georgia Aviation Accident Attorneys. Authorities have released the names of the four victims who suffered fatal injuries in a recent navy plane crash. News for Georgia aviation accident lawyers- Fannin County, Georgia Navy plane crash victims identified by officials. Morganton, GA—Authorities have identified those who fell victim to a fiery naval aviation […]

Baraboo Wisconsin aviation accident: Pilot serious injured in small plane crash

Legal News for Wisconsin Aviation Accident Attorneys. Investigators are expected to probe whether or not strong winds were to blame for a Baraboo, Wis. plane crash. Wisconsin aviation accident lawyer alert- A pilot was seriously injured in a Baraboo, Wisconsin plane crash. Baraboo, WI—An injurious aviation accident occurred in a field near the Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells […]

Morganton Georgia aviation accident: 3 dead, 1 missing after NAS plane crash

Legal News for Georgia Aviation Accident Attorneys. FAA authorities are expected to look into what might have caused a fiery and fatal naval aircraft wreck. Georgia aviation accident lawyer alert- The FAA is expected to probe a fatal plane crash involving a military jet that resulted in a blaze and left three people dead, one […]

Louisville, Kentucky aviation accident: Michigan man injured in plane crash

Legal News for Kentucky Aviation Accident Attorneys. A pilot was injured when the small plane he was flying ran out of fuel and crashed in Louisville, Kentucky. Kentucky aviation accident attorney alerts- Pilot injured in single-engine plane crash near Louisville International Airport. Louisville, KY—A single-engine plane crash left a Southfield, Michigan man injured on Tuesday, […]

South Carolina aviation news: bad tires caused Travis Barker/DJ AM plane crash

Legal News for South Carolina Aviation Accident Attorneys. NTSB officials blame unsafe tires in fatal 2008 S.C. Learjet 60 crash, which injured Travis Barker and DJ AM. Alerts for South Carolina aviation accident attorneys- NTSB announced cause of plane crash that seriously injured Travis Barker and DJ AM. Columbia, SC—Federal investigators have deemed underinflated tires […]

Miamisburg, Ohio aviation accident: 2 fatally injured in fiery plane wreck

Legal News for Ohio Aviation Accident Attorneys. Two people were killed in a violent Beechcraft Bonanza plane crash in Warren County, Ohio. Ohio aviation accident attorney alerts- Fatal airplane crash occurred in Warren County. Miamisburg, OH—A single-engine plane crashed in close proximity to the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport on Thursday, April 1, 2010, killing two of […]