Zellwood Florida aviation accident: FAA to probe fatal Zellwood plane crash

Zellwood Florida aviation accident: FAA to probe fatal Zellwood plane crash


Legal News for Florida Aviation Accident Attorneys. A pilot was killed in a small plane crash at the North Orlando Airpark near Zellwood, Florida.

Florida aviation accident lawyer alert- FAA officials expected to probe fatal plane crash, which caused a small blaze and killed the pilot near Zellwood, FL.

Zellwood, FL—A single-engine plane was involved in a fiery and fatal aviation accident on Sunday night, April 18, 2010. The plane crash occurred near Zellwood, Florida at the end of the North Orlando Airpark runway, according to information provided by ClickOrlando.com.

Josh Guthrie was reported to be the pilot aboard the fixed wing, single-engine aircraft that seemingly departed from the North Orlando Airpark at 7:15 p.m. Sunday, but unfortunately did not remain airborne for too long. Guthrie was allegedly piloting the donated plane, registered to i-tect, a missionary organization otherwise known as Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center, as a means of gaining flight and aircraft maintenance experience. However, his practice sessions were cut short when the 33-year-old airplane went down shortly after taking off from the airport. The plane consequently crashed and caught ablaze in a wooded area at the end of the airpark’s runway.

An unidentified bystander reportedly witnessed the tragic plane crash and subsequently dialed 911 to alert authorities of the incident. While it was not immediately known what might have caused the plane to crash almost immediately after takeoff, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials are expected to conduct a full probe into the deadly airplane wreck.

Legal News Reporter: Sandra Quinlan- Legal News for Florida Aviation Accident Lawyers.

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