Bank of Japan cuts economic support during pandemic

[ad_1] The Bank of Japan has announced plans to scale back its coronavirus emergency economic support program and reduce its corporate debt purchases to pre-pandemic levels as it follows the policies of other large global central banks to withdraw from the crisis. However, the Bank of Japan has not changed its ultra-loose monetary policy because […]

African Banking and Finance

[ad_1] Fintech and “new banks” took over the institutions; how South African lenders weathered the first Covid storm; Moroccan banks target French-speaking countries in West Africa; oil price shocks tested the resilience of Nigerian banks; Kenyan refugees learned to save for their future [ad_2] Source link

Adidas showcases Originals NFT series with punk comics, Gmoney, and Boring Ape – Blockchain Bitcoin News

[ad_1] On Thursday, the German multinational company Adidas announced the launch of the company’s first Adidas Originals NFT series. Adidas Originals NFT drop collaborates with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), cryptocurrency investor Gmoney, and the comic series Punks Comics. Adidas releases “Into the Metaverse” Originals NFT series Adidas Continue to fulfill its mission of entering […]

Somalilanders’ remittance business is booming globally

[ad_1] Thirty years ago, Ismail Ahmed From Somaliland, which was ravaged by war at the time, sneaked into neighboring Djibouti and hid behind dump trucks. His brother works in Saudi Arabia, and he sends him money to cover the cost of a flight to London in order to obtain a scholarship to study economics. “At […]

Makhtar Diop: Africa’s Way to Fund Sustainable Development

[ad_1] Marktal Diop appointment This year, as the first African head of the International Finance Corporation, a private sector branch of the World Bank. As the former Minister of Finance of Senegal and the former Vice President of Banking Infrastructure, Diop expects to accelerate IFC’s investment in sustainable development and support for gender equality projects. […]

Turkish companies are in trouble due to Lira radiation from Erdogan’s “laboratory”

[ad_1] In theory, Turkish businessman Vahit Yilmaz should benefit from the weak lira: after the lira crash slashed production costs in US dollars, orders from abroad are pouring into Turkey’s US$30 billion textile and apparel industry. But he said that the probability of his clothing wholesale business surviving in the next 12 months is only […]

Polygon’s blockchain hard fork did not warn of closed-source Genesis. why?

[ad_1] What happened to the polygon? The forces over there seem to be a bit chaotic. Is the Ethereum layer 2 project good? Is everything they do fair and honest, or is there something sinister happening? If they can hard fork like that, are they even decentralized? Or did they follow proper procedures without their […]

Financial Theory Update

[ad_1] Wow.Penultimate draft Fiscal Theory of Price LevelIt has been completed and is in the hands of a copy editor in Princeton. There is still time to send me typos, ideas, wrong equations, too much repetition, etc.! [ad_2] Source link

The Ministry of Justice asks the High Court to allow vaccination

[ad_1] The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday evening to block lower court orders that made President Joe Biden’s vaccine authorization for health care workers effective in about half of the states. The government asked the judge to allow “urgently needed health and safety measures to take effect before the winter surge in […]

Difference or integrated control method? – Healthcare economist

[ad_1] When you want to measure the causal impact of an intervention, there are many different ways. Differences of Difference (DiD) and Comprehensive Control Method (SCM) are two commonly used methods, and I have provided a summary of the econometric overview of each method (Have done, Single chip microcomputer).a dissertation Arkhangelski et al (2021) exist […]