Microstrategy buys more bitcoins and now holds 122,478 BTC — CEO says bitcoin is replacing gold — news bitcoin news

[ad_1] Less than two weeks after the last bitcoin purchase, Microstrategy purchased more bitcoins. The company has added 1,434 tokens to its vault, bringing the total holdings to 122,478 tokens. At the time of writing, the company’s total Bitcoin assets are worth approximately $6 billion. Microstrategy purchased another 1,434 bitcoins Microstrategy, a Nasdaq-listed company, bought […]

Wallet platform HolyTransaction integrates Lightning Network for Bitcoin (BTC) »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] Divine deal, a Universal cryptocurrency wallet platform, Recently announced the addition of support for exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) on the Lightning Network, and therefore, the ability to use Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals has been introduced.In addition to faster speeds and lower fees, users will notice a new address format called bill When they send […]

Financial advisers warned that cryptocurrency is “one of the biggest bubbles ever”-saying “it will become ugly”-market and price bitcoin news

[ad_1] The president of Payne Capital Management warned that cryptocurrency is “one of the biggest bubbles in history.”Emphasizing that the crypto market is “becoming an increasingly large casino”, he predicts The bubble will eventually burst, “it will be ugly”. According to financial advisers, encryption is a big bubble waiting to burst Ryan Payne, the financial […]

Senate voted to avoid medical insurance cuts to providers

[ad_1] On Thursday night, the Senate voted 59-34 to avoid the upcoming medical insurance reduce The provider sends the legislation to President Biden’s desk for signature. The highly anticipated vote took place a few weeks before the cuts took effect, and as lawmakers finalized the agreement, suppliers were in a state of tension. this billA […]

The CFTC commissioner opposes law enforcement supervision, saying that cryptocurrencies need clearer rules-supervising Bitcoin news

[ad_1] The Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Dawn Stump expressed concerns about the regulation of cryptocurrencies through law enforcement-both the CFTC and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have adopted this approach. CFTC Commissioner Raises Questions on Encryption Supervision CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump expressed concern about the approach that his agency […]

Experts say employers should be prepared for the possibility of passing legal procedures for federal COVID vaccination authorization

[ad_1] As all three federal COVID-19 vaccination authorization rules have been shelved in court, employers are in trouble. Before the court injunction, Health system, Federal Contractor with Employers with 100 or more employees It is obligated to make regulations for its employees before January 4th. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations allow employers to also […]

How Venezuelans use stablecoins every day to protect their livelihoods

[ad_1] last month, Cointelegraph interviewed Reserve CEO Nevin Freeman And Yens Michiels, community manager for payment decentralized applications, on the company’s mission to provide stable currency access. Recently, Cointelegraph interviewed several users from Venezuela and Colombia, and they shared their positive experiences with Reserve. Reserve is a tool that converts legal currencies such as Venezuelan […]

FirstFT: Biden seeks to ease concerns about US-Russia compromise

[ad_1] Good morning.This article is our live version First FT communication.Register our Asia, Europe/Africa or America A version sent directly to your inbox every working day morning What is your understanding of the news this week?Take our test. Joe Biden is Hold talks The leaders of the NATO countries in Eastern Europe are worried that […]

CVS Health has established a path into primary care services

[ad_1] CVS Health is launching a program to use telemedicine, new clinics and teams of doctors, nurses and pharmacists to manage customer health more deeply. The healthcare giant outlined a future on Thursday in which it hopes to provide healthcare services by providing a combination of resources it considers unique. The company operates thousands of […]