FirstFT: Biden seeks to ease concerns about US-Russia compromise

FirstFT: Biden seeks to ease concerns about US-Russia compromise



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Joe Biden is Hold talks The leaders of the NATO countries in Eastern Europe are worried that the US president is willing to negotiate with Russia over Russia’s request for a Western military alliance to curb its expansion in the region.

After a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, Biden said that he plans to “discuss the future of Russia’s concerns about NATO” and explore “whether we can reach any compromise”.

Putin supervised large-scale military build-ups on the border between Russia and Ukraine. US intelligence agencies said these build-ups may be used for invasion. He asked NATO to rule out the possibility of making Kiev a member. The Russian President also hopes that the alliance will stop military deployments in Eastern European member states that border Russia.

“I hope I’m wrong, but I smell’Munich’ here,” Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Estonian Parliament, said of the 1938 agreement reached in Europe to try to avoid the Nazi Germany. Tell the Financial Times when a conflicting agreement occurs. Ceded the Sudeten area.

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1. Evergrande was rated as “Restricted Default” by Fitch Rating agency became the first to announce Evergrande Offshore bond default After the developer with the most debt in the world failed to pay key interest.Fitch also said that another debt-laden developer Kaisa Failure to repay USD 400 million of bonds, Is in a restricted default state.

2. The United States blacklisted China Shangtang Technology in Xinjiang The U.S. will place artificial intelligence companies Investment blacklist, Because it sets the price for Hong Kong’s initial public offering. According to people familiar with the matter, the action against SenseTime will be part of a package of sanctions to commemorate Human Rights Day. Washington said the action allowed violations of the human rights of Muslim Uighurs.

3. Sackler’s name will be removed from the Metropolitan Gallery For nearly 50 years, the name of the Sackler family has been shining in the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York Will be removed Because the agency tried to distance itself from a family accused of contributing to the opioid crisis.

4. With the breakdown of nuclear talks, the United States seeks to strengthen sanctions against Iran The U.S. State Department stated that a U.S. delegation will visit the United Arab Emirates next week to warn banks and companies in the Gulf countries, Iran’s important trading partners, Risk penalty measures If they violate the sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

5. Beijing critic Li Zhiying convicted of illegal assembly Hong Kong media tycoon and famous Beijing critic Lai Zhiguang has been Found guilty Last year, a local court incited people to participate in a banned assembly to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

Coronavirus Digest

  • Slow rebound Aviation, hotel and cruise industry Inspired freshness Executive turnover.

  • New application U.S. unemployment benefits Plummeted to theirs last week Lowest level in 52 years.

  • Austria will Criminal fine The government stated that anyone over the age of 14 who refuses to be vaccinated can be punished with a maximum of 3,600 euros

  • US Regulators have authorized the third dose of BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine for 16 and 17 years old Out of concerns about Omicron variants.

  • The three government parties took place in London Subject to strict coronavirus restrictions survey By the highest civil servants in the UK.

  • Employees of American Carpool Company elevator Were told they don’t need to return to the office By 2023 At the earliest.

the day before

Inflation data Germany, India and the United States will release monthly consumer price index data.U.S. inflation expectations Increase by 0.7%Economists surveyed by Refinitiv said this figure was lower than the 0.9% in October.

UK monthly GDP Economists surveyed by Reuters expect GDP 0.5% increase Between September and October-before the global market is shaken by the news of the Omicron coronavirus variant in late November.

Nobel Prize Award Ceremony The Nobel Prize will be awarded to the Nobel Prize winners in Oslo, Norway.Many people have won their awards Reduced ritual Because of the epidemic. Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov will receive the Nobel Peace Prize. (NPR)

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China’s Shein sweeps the fast fashion world The brand has become the largest brand in the U.S. market Cheaper and faster than the competition Like Zara. But company critics say its business model relies on tax loopholes, a flexible attitude towards intellectual property rights, and neglect of corporate and social responsibility.

The chart shows Shein's market share

America is still a dangerous country It is easy to assume that “non-interventionism” has become a fixed point of view among Americans. But the climate can change quickly. Think about what happened after 9/11. Now imagine hordes of Ukrainians fleeing, because Russian tanks are tumbling in their towns this winter, Edward Luce wrote.

The head of Disney is planning to do things his way Bob Chapek borrowed billions, put insiders aside, and angered talent. But it’s all part of the plan, Christopher Grimes in Los Angeles and Anna Nicolau in New York said in a report in the “Financial Times” magazine.

The 20th Anniversary of China’s WTO Accession Causes Mixed Goods and Worries Beijing’s 20th Anniversary as a Member of the World Trade Organization and a sharp contrast Lack of party atmosphere In Washington, Alan Beattie wrote in our trade secret newsletter.

Use “synthetic data” to expose war crimes in Syria Researchers are increasingly turning to “Synthetic data“Rather than real images to train artificial intelligence programs to recognize weapons used in conflicts and capture them on social media. But can the technology adequately represent reality?

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Our colleagues in How To Spend It magazine chose six new ways to Optimize your health This winter.

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