EU plan to resolve “coercion” of member states faces resistance

[ad_1] A proposed EU law would allow rapid retaliation against economic sanctions imposed by countries such as China and Russia, but it has met with resistance from some member states. The anti-coercion instrument will give the European Commission broad powers to impose tariffs and quotas, restrict intellectual property protection and even exclude the country from […]

Jack Dorsey’s Spiral demonstrates the Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit

[ad_1] The encryption department of the recently renamed Square (now Block) showed off its Lightning Development Kit (LDK) as it aims to supercharge the Bitcoin network. The team of Jack Dorsey’s Spiral released a video on December 7 demonstrating the features of Bitcoin Lightning and Lightning Development Kit (LDK). LDK is designed to allow developers […]

Japan proposes to restrict stablecoin issuers to banks and wire transfer companies – Regulating Bitcoin News

[ad_1] According to reports, Japan’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), is planning to introduce legislation to restrict the issuance of stablecoins to banks and wire transfer companies. Encryption service providers involved in stablecoin transactions, including wallets, will also be subject to supervision by financial regulators. Japan tightens regulation of stablecoins Nikkei reported […]

Australian women owning cryptocurrency doubled in 2021: survey

[ad_1] A new survey shared with Cointelegraph found that the percentage of Australian women who own crypto assets doubled last year. The Independent Reserve of 2000 Australians’ Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI) in 2021 found that the number of women who have invested in cryptocurrencies currently or before has increased from 10.3% in 2020 to 20% in […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is making “significant changes” to become “fully licensed and fully compliant” in the UK – Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced its plan to become a “fully licensed and fully compliant” exchange to provide services to users in the UK. According to reports, the cryptocurrency exchange is making “some very significant changes to the way it operates.” “To comply with the country’s regulatory agency, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Binance […]

Smarter cars intensify competition for top chips

[ad_1] Due to global semiconductor shortages and supply disruptions, longer waiting times and higher prices have become a normal part of buying new cars this year. There are early signs that this shortage is easing as major suppliers’ inventories increase. However, the industry that produces semiconductors used in today’s cars has undergone a fundamental change, […]

Cone Health Suspension Bridge-HCD Magazine

[ad_1] By creating the Suspension Bridge Health Center (Greensboro, North Carolina), Cone Health embarked on a journey to transform healthcare. Drawbridge introduces true health ingredients into the community structure and life served by Cone Health. Establish a community space to participate in and teach healthy eating, understand the composition of a healthy body, and provide […]

Bitcoin and altcoins are hit, but derivatives data reflects the calming market

[ad_1] Looking at the winners and losers of the past week, it is clear that when Bitcoin fell to $41,000, the total market value of cryptocurrencies fell by 12.7%, so traders were subjected to some severe tests. On December 3, this sharp downward trend reduced this figure from 2.37 trillion US dollars to 1.92 trillion […]