Cone Health Suspension Bridge-HCD Magazine

Cone Health Suspension Bridge-HCD Magazine


By creating the Suspension Bridge Health Center (Greensboro, North Carolina), Cone Health embarked on a journey to transform healthcare. Drawbridge introduces true health ingredients into the community structure and life served by Cone Health. Establish a community space to participate in and teach healthy eating, understand the composition of a healthy body, and provide nourishment and supplement through emergency or clinical care when needed. The new Med Center Drawbridge campus captures the health experience while providing convenient locations for Cone Health’s emergency services, imaging services, diagnosis, and various clinics from primary care to orthopedics and oncology, including infusion centers.

Provide wellness in a unique environment within this facility-indoors and outdoors. From studio classroom teaching to fitness and rehabilitation, to basketball halls and complete water sports programs, these projects are included to enhance this community-based facility. In order to maximize the use of the site, Cone Health chose to develop an integrated parking facility directly connected to the health complex. This provides more site area for outdoor activities and garden spaces, while allowing direct and protected contact with customers who have extremely short travel distances and easy access to building facilities.

The outdoor garden enhances the attractiveness of the building and offers great views of nature. The campus is intertwined with the larger Greensboro community as a destination, directly connected to the Bicentennial Trail for biking and jogging.

Item category: Project in progress

company: Page,

design team: Kurt Newbeck; Healthcare industry leader, strategy and vision; Beth Carroll, senior medical planner; Robert Doane, senior project manager; project architect Wengel Johannes; Ricardo Munoz, project designer; Aimee Burmaster Hicks, Advanced Interior Design

Total construction area (square feet): 158,000

Finish: April 2022

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