Giving Tuesday: CBDistillery™ donation to support Project Sanctuary in 2021

On Charity Tuesday, we celebrate that every act of generosity is important; everyone has the ability to contribute to the greater good. The idea is simple. Find ways to give back to your neighbor, community or country. Every ripple may trigger the entire movement. Share smiles, volunteer time, help neighbors, or donate to organizations that contribute to the cause you believe in. The choice is yours.

With the joint efforts of everyone, “Give Tuesday” inspired radical generosity and systemic change. To help kick-start this year’s donation season, CBDistillery® is supporting Project Sanctuary, a charitable organization designed to benefit active military and veteran families in all service sectors. Whether you have been celebrating “Tuesday” for many years or participating for the first time, you can help us help others by joining our fundraising event.

Celebrating generosity and charitable donations

Donation Tuesday was originally a social media campaign organized by a small group of non-profit organizations. On the first donation Tuesday in 2012, 92nd Street Y in New York City joined forces with the Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact. The organizers wanted to start a generous season, so they created a label, invited the public to participate, and sparked a global movement. 1,2 Today, Thanksgiving and the first Tuesday after Black Friday mark the beginning of the global season. Charitable donations can help a large number of non-profit organizations do what they do best.

This year, Giving Tuesday falls on November 30. If you have been looking for a meaningful way to kick off this year’s donation season, please consider participating in our donation event. How can you help? By sharing your enthusiasm for CBDistillery® products with family and friends and promoting it. On Giving Tuesday, CBDistillery® offers a 25% discount on our pure, potent hemp-derived CBD products. We will also donate 5% of Tuesday’s proceeds to Project Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to positive change.

Why support Project Sanctuary?

Project Sanctuary was established in 2007 with the idea that when a person serves in the military, their entire family is also in service. However, until Project Sanctuary was first established in the Colorado Mountains, there was no organization dedicated to helping military families as a whole. Today, Project Sanctuary has developed into a four-star charity, helping military families in danger across the country. When you shop with us on November 30th, you will contribute to many services and help veterans and military families cope with the many challenges in military life. 3

Therapeutic retreat

Support Project Sanctuary to help the organization organize treatment retreats in eight states across the country. The plan is designed and staffed by certified therapeutic entertainment experts, licensed social workers and consultants. Therapeutic retreats and outdoor recreational activities help families break down relationship barriers, learn new ways of communication, find effective ways to resolve conflicts, and so on.

Family support

Project Sanctuary also helps provide financial assistants and long-term (or emergency) mental health services. All services of the Sanctuary Family Support program are led by clinically-trained and licensed staff and are available to all veterans, active-duty military personnel, their children and spouses. The organization also provides consulting referrals and contacts with partner agencies and services provided by partners.

Resource Summit

Destination Resources pays special attention to the individual needs of each participant during the weekend. These well-planned weekends help couples (and singles) determine the resources needed to help their families move forward, whether they may need help connecting financial planning services, employment resources, mental and emotional health services, or recreational opportunities. The goal of every plan and service provided by Project Sanctuary is to help military families recover and thrive.

Are you ready to help CBDistillery® support Project Sanctuary?

When we work together for a common goal, great things will happen. The more people take advantage of our Giving Tuesday discounts, the more our joint efforts will have an impact on the lives of active military members, veterans and their entire families.

When you save 25% on the CBDistillery® favorites, you may also want to check out our new products Collection Or pick up a few CBD sample pack This way you can share your passion for CBDistillery® products with people you know who might benefit.

According to an internal survey of nearly 2,000 CBD users, most respondents reported that the use of hemp-derived CBD products achieved good results in terms of relaxation, improved sleep, and relief of inflammation, pain or stiffness after physical activity. An impressive 89% also reported that CBD helped calm them down, and 88% told us that hemp-derived CBD products could also help relieve mild or temporary anxiety.

Why do so many people choose CBDistillery® products?

When CBDistillery® was founded in 2016, it was clear that the industry was flooded with high-priced, low-quality CBD products, with almost no value. At that time, too many people were used. CBD has received a lot of negative news because reports consistently show that CBD in most tinctures, capsules and lotions is far below the regulations on product labels. We knew we could do better, so we did it.

From day one, we have been unswervingly committed to becoming the main source of high-quality, third-party tested CBD, a brand that consumers can trust. Our plan also includes building our company as a respected source of information that people need to make smart health decisions. Today, CBDistillery™ is a prestigious industry leader, with more than 2 million satisfied customers and tens of thousands of verified reviews and recommendations.

If you are ready to help us support Project Sanctuary, please visit CBDistillery® on November 30 to enjoy our 25% discount on the site. 5% of all proceeds raised during the event will be donated to Project Sanctuary.

If you want to learn more about how CBD works or why you should use it before our Giving Tuesday event, Visit CBDistillery® go download The Ultimate CBD User Guide, The #1 resource guide for CBD users. Then consider browsing our hemp-derived CBD products. All CBDistillery® products are derived from non-GMO, naturally cultivated crops, passed third-party purity and potency testing, and passed the US Hemp Authority™ certification.


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