FirstFT: WHO says the Omicron variant poses a “very high” risk

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Three major shocks have shaken business confidence across Latin America

[ad_1] Political risks are nothing new in Latin America. However, in the past business-friendly countries, the three major shocks that occurred within a few days reminded the company that even in accordance with the high standards of the region, risks are rising rapidly. Traditionally moderate Chilean voters conducted the first round of voting Election victory […]

Inflation Tracker: The latest data on countries struggling to cope with rising prices

[ad_1] Most parts of the world are experiencing a dramatic inflationHowever, despite rising energy costs, strong consumer demand, and the disruption to global supply chains caused by Covid-19 and its latest variants, leading to price increases, many central banks have maintained interest rates at or near historically low levels. Some people worry that this combination […]

The union accuses H&M of violating its policies in the warehouse dispute

[ad_1] A Dutch trade union accused fashion retailer H&M and its logistics partners of shortening the rest time of warehouse employees and refused to contact workers suspected of violating local labor laws and its own policies. Immigrant workers at the Tilburg warehouse in the Netherlands, run by GXO Logistics, which is listed in the United […]

What is central bank digital currency?

[ad_1] What is central bank digital currency? The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is trying to bring some of the so-called advantages of private digital currencies into the world of public currencies with the support of the central bank of the country. This also means that, in theory, CBDC is safe during the financial crisis. […]

Billionaire Mike Novogratz warned that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell may “slow down the speed of cryptocurrencies” during his second term – Economics Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz warned that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell may slow down the cryptocurrency market during his second term.Comment on his reAt the time of the nomination, Novogratz stated that Powell could “behave more like a central bank governor than a person who wants to be re-elected.” How Jerome Powell’s second term as […]

Kelly Strategic Management Document for Ethereum Futures ETF

[ad_1] The Denver-based investment company Kelly Strategic Management has applied for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) to provide exposure to Ethereum (Ethereum) Futures contracts. This move comes three months after VanEck and ProShares suddenly withdrew their ETH futures ETF application On the same day in August. According to November 29 Archive In cooperation with the U.S. […]

GAO on the cost of rare diseases-healthcare economist

[ad_1] Last month, the Government Accountability Office issued a report on Rare disease costsThis report is very interesting, especially in Appendix 1, which contains a detailed list of rare disease cost studies on about 50 rare diseases. Here are some highlights: Currently, there is no cure or cure for most rare diseases. Although the federal […]

WHO warns of new virus variants pose “very high” risk

[ad_1] The World Health Organization warned on Monday that, based on early evidence, the global risk from the omicron variant is “very high”, saying that the mutated coronavirus could cause a surge with “serious consequences.” The United Nations health agency’s assessment is contained in a technical document sent to member states. It is the strongest […]

Microstrategy purchases another 7,002 bitcoins, increasing the amount of encrypted storage to 121,044 BTC – NewsBitcoin News

[ad_1] Microstrategy purchased another 7,002 bitcoins, increasing its cryptocurrency storage to 121,044 coins. CEO Michael Saylor said: “Bitcoin is the only property you can really own, and it is also the first technology that can grant property rights to everyone on the planet.” Microstrategy now has 121,044 bitcoins in its warehouse Microstrategy, a NASDAQ-listed company, […]