The Afghan economy in the chart: What has changed in the past two decades?

[ad_1] In the two decades since the Taliban lost control of Afghanistan, living conditions have improved significantly, including huge improvements in healthcare, education, life expectancy and child mortality. But local corruption and violence have slowed the pace of progress, and the reduction in military and aid in recent years has reduced one of its biggest […]

The police seized 6 million U.S. dollars worth of digital currency

[ad_1] The percentage of illegal crypto transactions, according to this Chain analysis Report, accounting for about 2% of the total transaction volume. Although most cryptocurrency transactions are not illegal, they are increasingly used in criminal activities. As part of the dark web operation, Australian police carried out large-scale cryptocurrency seizures. The total value seized was […]

Invest in cryptocurrency?Understand the types of exchange fees

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency exchange It is an online platform where you can trade (buy and sell) between cryptocurrencies based on actual market prices. In order to value cryptocurrencies, investors and market participants determine demand and supply. This is similar to the concept of a stock exchange that buys and sells company stocks. By using a cryptocurrency […]

2021 Showcase Merit Award: Nature Lovers

[ad_1] Strive to comply with California‚Äôs latest seismic standards, MarinHealth Medical Center: Oak Pavilion It is a 265,000 square foot hospital replacement hospital that provides new hospitalization, diagnosis, intervention and emergency services. Community members in Greenbrae, California requested that the new building not detract from the surrounding natural landscape, thereby inspiring biophilic design inside and […]