The crypto wallet application DotWallet integrates the Changelly API to provide new exchange functions»CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] DotWallet, a non-custodial light wallet based on the Bitcoin SV protocol, recently announced that its web application has been upgraded and has a new exchange function supported by the cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. This Integrate Changelly API It will enable DotWallet users to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. Continue to act as an intermediary between […]

Music NFT network BAND Royalty pre-sold NFT worth nearly $1 million »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] BAND Royalty is a blockchain-protected NFT network that enables holders to earn cryptocurrency from some of the world’s most popular songs, and has just concluded the private pre-sale of its NFT music art BAND NFT Series 1 collection At the event, pre-sale music was carried out to a few enthusiastic NFT collectors. Within a […]

TRON Oracle System Bridge Oracle (BRG) Klever Swap List Token »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] Klever Swap is the core service of the Klever encrypted wallet application. Today, the token of Bridge Oracle (BRG) has been listed. Bridge Oracle (BRG) is the first public Oracle system built on the TRON network. The list includes eight direct trading pairs, which are part of the expansion of Klever Swap’s list of […]

Moonstake, a crypto betting platform provider, adds support for IOST»CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] Moonstake in Asia Stake Pool Network, Announced today that it will cooperate with the IOST blockchain development team to enable the staking function of IOST tokens on its platform. Since full operation in August 2020, Moonstake’s total mortgage assets now exceed US$900 million, and the Moonstake platform has now become one of the top […]

DFINITY Foundation launched its blockchain-based “Internet computer” »CryptoNinjas

[ad_1] Today, the DFINITY Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, laid the foundation for the launch of “Internet computers”-turning the public Internet into “Internet computers.” Decentralized global computer. Internet computers have expanded the capabilities of the Internet, upgrading it from a network that connects billions of people to a network that also provides […]

5 new funds inject $100 million into Solana blockchain ecosystem development

[ad_1] The Solana Foundation (Solana Foundation), the oversight of the emerging Layer 1 Proof of Stake (PoS) Solana blockchain protocol, today announced that it has partnered with exchanges Huobi and Gate Labs, and investment funds NGC Ventures and HashKey Group. As well as the cross-chain wallet of the MATH (multi-party partner) cooperation platform, five strategic […]

When it comes to inflation, how much perseverance does the Fed have?

[ad_1] The author is Paul A Volcker, a senior researcher in international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations Of all the great institutions in the United States, few have prospered in adversity like the Fed.The crumbling U.S. electoral system Violent police, This Polarized media, This Overly powerful technology company -All these are justified accusations. […]

Despite reopening and vaccinations, U.S. job growth has slowed

[ad_1] Last month, the US labor market only added 266,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate rose slightly to 6.1%. This marked an unexpected slowdown in job creation in the world’s largest economy. April’s data is down compared to the 770,000 new jobs created in March-down compared to April’s data Previous estimate -It also shows that […]

Develop birth plans for parents and birth teams

[ad_1] Mother’s Day is approaching, and expectant mothers are looking forward to the arrival of the new baby. When you are preparing for childbirth and childbirth, the birth plan may be a useful document. Here is what a “birth plan” is and how it can help you prepare for an important day and make your […]

Punitive damages and refusal to plead guilty

[ad_1] Petition this week after Andrew Hamm May 7 2021 At 11:32 am This week, we will focus on the petition for the Supreme Court to consider, including: whether the punitive damages that doubles the damages can be consistent with due process, and how the defendant can prove that the lawyer’s invalid assistance in rejecting […]