Don’t love the Burmese military leader Min Aung Hlaing (Min Aung Hlaing) in his hometown-Radio Free Asia

Sources in the southern port city told the residents of Dawei, the hometown of General Min Aung Aung Ryan, the leader of the Myanmar military government, that they were ashamed of their coup d’état, which killed hundreds of people and plunged the country into chaos. .

Dawi residents told the RFA Myanmar Service Bureau that the 150,000 people between the Andaman Sea and Thailand are known for beaches and tropical fruits. 11 people in the city were killed by security forces and at least 100 people were arrested.

Min Aung Hlaing will kill everyone no matter where they come from. If the Dawei people resist his rule, his regime will not be spared. He only cares about maintaining his autocratic rule. “A protest leader said that for security reasons, he declined to be named.

“We strongly oppose the military regime. We are determined to keep the resistance until the end,” she said.

According to data from the Thai human rights organization Political Prisoners Aid Association (AAPP) as of Friday, since February 1st Ang Ala Hlaing has been seized from the democratically elected government of leader Aung San Suu Kyi Since the regime, at least 774 people have been killed by the military government.

“The leader of this murder regime has appeared in Dawei Township in our region. The residents of this city have seriously damaged our reputation.” A resident of the city who requested anonymity for security reasons said.

“I estimate that less than 1% of the people who support Min Aung Hlaing in Dawei. I think the pro-democracy activists and protesters account for the remaining 99%.”

Despite the violence and danger, the militants of Dawei, the capital of the Tannedari region, said that they will never stop protesting until democracy is restored.

“Our ultimate goal is to resist this military regime. Therefore, we Dawi people will continue to protest on these streets until the regime falls.

“We not only resist Min Aung Hlaing. We oppose the entire military rule. The Min Aung Hlaing regime has done what all previous dictators have done.”

A head of the student union told RFA that for Dawei, the 64-year-old Min Aung Hlaing cannot be compared with other local historical figures, such as Ba Htoo, who led the Myanmar National Army to 20 victories in the Second World Occupy the Japanese at the end of the war.

The head of the student said that he and other well-known Dawis were “loyal to the country and advocating justice.”

Political analyst Aung Thu Nyen told RFA that unlike other leaders in Southeast Asia, Min Aung Hlaing contributed little to his hometown.

He said: “We don’t see his career working hard for the progress of the region.” He compared Min Aung Laning with the former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who had tried to promote The economic development of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. intrinsic.

“On the contrary, we don’t see Min Aung Hlaing trying to improve Dawei or develop the area,” said Aung Thu Nyen.

The Dawei people say that the army and its leaders have damaged the reputation of the armed forces.

“Tatemado should protect the lives of the people. They have a responsibility.” said a Dawei resident who did not want to be named.

“but [Min Aung Hlaing]The current regime is contrary to the duties of Tatmado. This is why the Dawis have no reason to forgive him, even if he is a Dawi. “He says.

Khet Mar and Soe San Aung report for the Myanmar Service Department of RFA. Translated by Ye Kaung, Maint Maung. Eugene Whong is written in English.

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