Music NFT network BAND Royalty pre-sold NFT worth nearly $1 million »CryptoNinjas

Music NFT network BAND Royalty pre-sold NFT worth nearly $1 million »CryptoNinjas


BAND Royalty is a blockchain-protected NFT network that enables holders to earn cryptocurrency from some of the world’s most popular songs, and has just concluded the private pre-sale of its NFT music art BAND NFT Series 1 collection At the event, pre-sale music was carried out to a few enthusiastic NFT collectors.

Within a few days of this announcement, the top three Diamond Album BAND NFTs were sold for a total of 60 ETH (currently valued at more than US$200,000). The top three diamond album NFTs include the number one casting double diamond album BAND NFT, which was sold for 25 ETH (currently valued at more than 85,000 US dollars).

Generally, for highly sought-after limited edition collectible NFTs, the lower the number of coins, the higher the market value of a particular NFT coin.

In less than two weeks after the announcement, the total pre-sale of BAND NFT was close to $1 million. Purchased by a community of hundreds of NFT collectors who hope to enter and secure their BAND NFT before the full public offering on the NFT market on May 15.

Almost all other NFTs on the market only provide collectible value based on their potential unique artistic value and tradeability, while BAND Royalty NFT can directly obtain income from musicians known and loved by almost everyone in the world.

A royalty ecosystem

BAND NFT enables fans not only to enjoy the artist’s music, but also to earn royalties every time they play one of the songs in the BAND catalog. BAND Royalty has accumulated a catalog of music royalties, including Rihanna,, Timbaland, Cher, Missy Elliot, Bi Artists such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

Each BAND NFT is a unique digital collection. Most importantly, every BAND NFT comes with 3D rendered artwork, making it a real collectible. Under the hood, the “special seasoning” that makes BAND NFT stand out is their ability to generate music royalties from an increasing number of top songs in the BAND Royalty music catalog, including platinum and gold tracks.

NFT or irreplaceable tokens represent uniquely encrypted works, such as music, artwork, videos, and other digital files stored on the blockchain.

BAND Royalty founders Barnaby Andersun and Noble Drakoln, experts in the field of blockchain and music copyright investment, and co-hosts of the “CryptoTenX Podcast”, outlined the robust and ambitious roadmap released by BAND Royalty in 2021.

Starting from this NFT series 1, BAND Royalty will finally launch Band TOKENS and launch a new platform for musicians and fans to interact through NFT.

BAND Royalty plans to expand its famous and income-oriented royalty catalog by releasing four different NFT series up to a total of 12,000 unique BAND NFTs in 2021, and the funds generated will be reinvested to expand BAND Royalty’s music copyright library.

Protecting the converted rare 3,000 series 1 collectible BAND NFT 3D animation music digital artwork is very simple. On May 15, the complete collection of 3,000 sets of limited edition BAND NFT will be available on a first-come, first-served basis on

In order to ensure the security of BAND Royalty NFT, buyers need to have at least 1 Ethereum available in their private ETH wallet (Metamask or Trust Wallet) when visiting (the world’s largest Ethereum NFT market). Once in OpenSea, just type “bandroyaltyty” and see the beautiful selection of BAND NFT artwork. The smaller the number of BAND NFTs, the smaller the number of them, thereby increasing collectability and functional access to the ever-growing BAND Royalty music ecosystem.

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